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NFYFC's Annual General Meeting 2019

Sunday 12 May, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire   

NFYFCs 2019 Annual General Meeting is approaching where we will celebrate all the things we love about YFC – the charity fundraising, competitions results, training, travel and much more.

During the meeting the officers of the NFYFC Council will be proud to be joining members of YFCs as we honour the achievements of clubs, counties, members and the NFYFC over the last year.  We will also be shaping the future of the YFC and NFYFC – so please use your voice and your club/county votes to ensure the organisation is in good shape for the next generation as they join the YFC community.

Every YFC Club will receive two votes (two voting cards will be mailed to each Club Secretary in April) to use at the NFYFC Annual General Meeting and we encourage every club to come to the meeting to use its vote.

Two proposals are being put forward to the AGM this May and it’s important that YFC members are armed with the facts and have a chance to share their views.

YFCs and county federations can put forward amendments to these motions that appear on the draft agenda. Amendments should be emailed to James Eckley by 12 noon on 3 April 2019.

As a democratic organisation, it’s important that all YFC members get a chance to share their views on the proposals and to know that every YFC Club has the opportunity to use its two votes on these proposals at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 12 May at Stareton Hall, Stoneleigh Park. 

In this area of the website you can find information and support guides on how to hold a successful debate in your club to help you discuss the two proposals outlined below. A set of FAQs also provides background information about NFYFC and the process of Council.  

Motion:  Increase in subscriptions proposal

NFYFC’s Council comprising of county elected YFC members and associate members has proposed a 50% increase in the subscription fee (levy) that is paid by each member to the national Federation. 

At the current rate – this is equivalent to an increase of 18 pence per week that each member would pay to NFYFC, bringing the total NFYFC membership fee to 52 pence per week (increased from the current 34p per week).

The Council is putting this motion forward due to the Federation’s growing deficit.  This is caused by minimal increases to the subscription over previous years, external income that is no longer available to the NFYFC and also because the services provided by the NFYFC to the YFCs and County Federations are in great need. It will be damaging to reduce the support services and programmes provided to YFC clubs and County Federations by the NFYFC.

NFYFC provides support to the 46 County Federations that are affiliated to NFYFC in England and Wales. Local funding cuts have caused reductions to staffing hours in many County Federations and the workload has therefore increased at a national level as County Federations seek more support from the national body.

YFC members should be aware that the outcome of the decision about the subscription fee that is made at the AGM will have an impact on the services and benefits that NFYFC can continue to offer (such as Competitions, Training and Travel). It will ultimately have a serious impact on the future viability of the Federation.

NFYFC Council is now asking YFC Clubs and Counties to start having meaningful debates about the proposed subscription fee and to discuss what NFYFC means to them.

Motion: Club meetings in pubs proposal 

NFYFC Council has also proposed that “That the main body of a public house (pub) is not an appropriate space for YFC business meetings”. 

This motion, initiated by younger members of the NFYFC Council, is designed to encourage YFC club committees to carefully consider the place of the weekly club meetings – to create the best environment for young people to meet (many of them being under the age of 18).   

It is not saying that meetings cannot take place in meeting rooms of public houses, but that care should be taken when planning the club venue to ensure everyone is comfortable, including the parents/guardians of those under 18 years of age.


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