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5 steps to a successful meeting 

Follow our five top steps for Club Officers when holding discussions on the motions to the NFYFC Annual General Meeting

1. Promotion

  • Tell YFC members that you will be holding a discussion and debate about the motions to the 2019 Annual General Meeting – this includes suitable places for YFC meetings to take place and the NFYFC subscription/levy. Encourage YFC members to attend the meeting and bring their views.
  • When chairing the debate, remind everyone that this is a discussion and you wish to hear different opinions from the room.  It is not an argument between two people where there is always a winner – this discussion will lead to a vote by show of hands at the Club or County Federation meeting which will inform the officers how to use the Club or County Federation votes at the NFYFC AGM in May.
  • Remind YFC members that their views are valued and that the Club is entitled to two votes at the NFYFC AGM.

2. Be informed

  • Before chairing the discussion read through the current and correct information and make sure you understand it.  If there is information you do not understand please contact James Eckley at NFYFC who can answer any questions.
  • Once you understand the information make sure you take it with you to the meeting (or have access to it via the internet).

3. Plan the discussion

  • Encourage all members to have their say and it is really important that YFC members feel that they have been given the opportunity to speak.  Those who are not current members should be reminded they are observers or associates and not YFC members.
  • Plan how you are going to structure the discussion. There are different ways to do this, so consider which will work for the YFC members at your club or county meetings.
    • Whole group discussion.  Allow a set amount of time to discuss, bring to a close, summarise then vote.  As chair, be prepared to manage the discussion and encourage YFC members aged 10 to 26 to have their say.
    • Small group discussion, divide the room into small groups to discuss then feedback to the whole group.  This is very effective to get everyone’s view heard.

Remind everyone to:

  • Respect each other’s opinions – even if these are different from your own
  • Don’t talk over each other
  • Allow people to have their voice heard and listen to each other 

4. Take notes

There will be lots of different views being heard. Take notes and when the conversation comes to an end, summarise the main points from your notes before the meeting takes a vote. Remember to feed this back to the person who will be taking the vote at the NFYFC AGM on Sunday 12 May.

5. Amendments to motions to the NFYFC AGM

YFCs and County Federations may put forward amendments to the motions that are printed on the draft agenda for the NFYFC Annual General Meeting.

To put forward an amendment to a motion, please contact James Eckley at the YFC Centre. The deadline for submitting amendments to motions is 12 noon on Wednesday 3 April 2019.


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