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Ideas for Covid-secure club meetings (Amber)

If your YFC is eager to meet again, while following YFC Covid-Secure Guidance, then check out some ideas for club meeting ideas that will keep you safe and entertained.

Remember, youth groups are currently operating under the ‘amber’ readiness level – as advised by the National Youth Agency. This means that the following is advised:

  • Online and digital youth services.
  • Detached/outdoor local youth services (consistent with social distancing guidelines),
  • 1-2-1 sessions.
  • Small group sessions delivered indoors (consistent with social distancing guidelines).

Please note all of the ideas below need a Covid-Secure risk assessment.

Outdoor ideas  

Family car treasure hunt

Countryside walk – word hunt trail, scavenger hunt  (where you take a photo of the item rather than gathering the items)

Mini Olympics 

Obstacle course (low level and avoiding contact)

Activities such as rounders, Kwik cricket, martial arts

Book an activity centre to take part in golf, archery, high ropes, clay pigeon shooting

Water sports at a Covid-secure venue: such as kayaking, water inflatable obstacle course, paddleboards etc

Tractor tour of a farm (which is normally open to the public)

Hobby horse Grand National – one week make the hobby horse at home, next week hold fun races.


Indoor ideas (all ideas need a Covid-secure Risk Assessment)

Mental health support – yoga, relaxation, aromatherapy, movie night, teddy first aid  

Careers – industry speakers, Ready, Steady Cook, CV development

Arts and crafts - e.g pottery painting, photography, flower arrangements 

Public speaking comps – Just A Minute, Call My Bluff

A fun games night eg bingo, Pictionary, charades, chair football 

Festive activities: pumpkin carving, making Christmas cards, wreath making, bauble painting etc

We'd love to hear your fun ideas too – so please email with your club meeting suggestions or tag NFYFC on social media in your updates.  


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