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What could NFYFC look like in five years time? It’s an exciting prospect and one that NFYFC wants all its members to help shape and deliver!

NFYFC wants to bring the 86-year-old organisation up to date and provide a programme of events and activities that meet the needs of rural young people today and in the future.

This isn’t about forgetting the Federation’s heritage – no one can deny the incredible history NFYFC has – but this is a vision to improve this organisation and make it more relevant in today’s society.

These changes can’t happen without input from YFC members. As rural young people it is their voices that need to help steer this development plan.


A new activity session called Are you Vision:2023 Ready? has been created by the members of the Vision:2023 strategy group and is aimed at seeking feedback about the Federation from clubs. The information will be used to help the Vision: 2023 group develop the five-year plan for the organisation.

The sessions contain a number of activities for clubs to do that will encourage discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, what members want to see in the future and how it should be funded. There are also activities included that will help clubs to think about their own five year plans and guide them in setting future goals.

You can sign up for a club session by emailing the Vision:2023 team or by filling out a short contact us form here.

On the Vision:2023 journey, incremental changes will take place along the way and, at each stage, YFC members will have the opportunity to question and help to shape what the future programme of events and activities looks like.

If you’re a proud YFC member, who wants to see your organisation get bigger and stronger, then be sure to take this opportunity to be a constructive part of that change. 

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