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Wragby YFC, Lincolnshire

Shortlisted for the Community Spirit Award 2020

Helping others in a time of need has been a priority for members of Wragby YFC who made sure people in their local community could put food on the table for their families during the pandemic.

When lockdown struck in March, many people were left struggling without a guaranteed income and food banks were in demand. Recognising that support was needed in their own community, members of Wragby YFC, led by their Club Chairman Beth Alford, worked with a local organisation that was setting up a food bank and needed volunteers to help run the service.

Members took it in turns to work at the food bank and helped create food parcels for vulnerable people who were struggling to get to the shops due to shielding or for people who were facing financial difficulties. Without the food bank some households would have found lockdown even more difficult and the club was proud to be able to give something back to support their community.

Wragby YFC received positive local press coverage about its involvement in the food bank and its efforts were promoted across social media. 


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