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YFC Talent

Name of competition:

YFC Talent


Entries Close 2 August  – Competition to run throughout August. Entries to be submitted by video and prejudged by KUHN. Three finalists will be shared online on a set date and voted on publicly.

Outline of competition:

Teams are required to record themselves performing a specific talent. This could be Musical, Singing, Instrumental, Dancing or a Comedy Sketch for example. Props are permitted in videos.
To adhere to Government Guidelines, entries should be from the same household/support bubble. Where entries are not from the same household or bubble, social distancing must be maintained.

Each performance should begin with an introduction (Names, Club, County) and a brief description of the talent.


Teams to provide a completed PRS form documenting any music used in their performance. PRS forms can be downloaded from the Competitions section of the NFYFC website. This form should be sent to NFYFC, Competitions Department with the team’s entry form.


Videos to be no more than THREE (3) minutes in length. Time faults will be imposed for timings above the time limit, at a rate of 2 marks deducted per 15 seconds or part thereof.

Competitors Notes:

Rules: YFC Talent Rules 2020-21 & General Rules 2020 - 2021


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