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Ever thought about getting your YFC involved in a local community or environmental project and having great fun at the same time? Then get your club involved in the Countryside Challenge!

In December, the NFYFC received funding from the Cabinet Office and Pears Foundation to progress its work in Youth Social Action. As such, the Federation is now looking to support five community projects per quarter until the summer of 2017.

Clubs could qualify for up to £400 of funding to help with their project!

Community and environmental projects are a great way to get YFC members involved in a team-building projects and improve well-being, whilst doing something really positive for your local community.

How do you get your YFC involved? 

As well as offering some enabling money, the NFYFC is also on hand to provide tools, resources and training to get your project started. In fact, everything you need to know is on this downloadable A5 leaflet! Please print this leaflet and pin it to the noticeboard in your club / county office and start thinking about what you can do.

NEW: If you are keen to get started and want to get your club on board download the Countryside Challenge Workshop Presentation which you can deliver to your club.

Here's what you need to do to get your campaign up and running...

 Get a team together of 10-26 year olds

There is no limit to the number of members taking part, but the project must be led my the members and run for at least eight hours within a 4 to 12 week timeframe.

Download an application form and start filling it out!

 Discuss ideas and decide on an amazing project that meets a real community need

The second page of the A5 leaflet has some great ideas about what your club can do. Here are some community projects that YFCs have done in the past to help inspire you...

Junior members came up with their own conservation project in Norfolk FYFC and decided to remove invasive crayfish from the river Wensum. The group worked together to work out how to build and set traps. As well as removing harmful crayfish the members enjoyed working as a team and learning a new skill. They recieved £400 from the Countryside Challenge towards their costs for the project.




St Columb YFC created a children's mud kitchen for pupils at St Columb Major Academy. Fifteen club members built the model kitchen out of wood and pallets for the school's outdoor area. The Club imagined how children would use the kitchen and made sure it was practical for them. The school was very grateful for the support and said it would help with the children's overall development as they took part in role play in the kitchen. The Club managed to use recycled materials so costs were at a minimum meaning they could use their £400 of funding towards developing the club further.

Last summer, members of Bridgnorth YFC in Shropshire helped restore the county's oldest working water mill by clearing up a large amount of silt that had built up, which was causing it to move too slowly. The club were recognised at the "Pride of Shropshire" awards for this project.

Members of Aspatria YFC in Cumbria helped their local community by tidying up a park in their local town and make it a more pleasant area for the general public. Eight junior members aged 11-15 & seven seniors put themselves forward to help with the clean-up, which included the use of a silage trailer to take away all of the wood.

 Plan your project

We have some great online resources to help you plan your project:

  • The Source has some great advice about planning and starting community projects. Click here for more information.
  • Keep on track with everything you need for this project with this very handy Gantt chart.
  • Ensure that all participants are kept safe throughout the project. Complete a risk assessment before you start your project.
  • Attend our "Practical Planning" training session on 11th June. Click here for more information.

 Go for it! It's time to make a real difference to your community

Ensure that all participants are present and raring to go with this useful attendance list.

Spread the word about your amazing community project:

  • Get in touch with the local press about your project. Download our pre-project press release template and fill in all of the relevant information.
  • Is your club on social media? Post photos and videos on your clubs Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtag #CountrysideChallenge.

 Evaluate and share your success. Take photos, get quotes and gain community feedback

  • Shout about your club's successful project. Download our post-project press release template and fill in all of the information. Remember to get a testimonial from a community representative who has benefited from your project.
  • Evaluate the success of the project with this community questionnaire.
  • Picked up some new skills from this project? Make a note of it with our skills bank and help boost your CV!
  • Complete all relevant paperwork and submit to NFYFC to receive your certificates.
  • Complete this survey about your experience with the Countryside Challenge. PLEASE NOTE - Completion of this survey is compulsory, as required by the Cabinet Office.
  • Celebrate! Your YFC has just completed the Countryside Challenge!

Please note that this project is only available to members in England. If you require further information, please contact Cath Sykes, NFYFC youth development officer, on 02476 857220, or email her at

#iwill is a UK-wide campaign helping more young people make a difference in their communities through social action that includes activities like campaigning, fundraising and volunteering. Youth social action has a double benefit – it helps build communities and develops character strengths and life skills in young people. Many business, education, voluntary and public sector organisations have pledged to spread the word about the benefits of youth social action and create more opportunities for young people to get involved.


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