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Andrew Smith, Alnwick YFC, Northumberland

Bespoke joinery business

Shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020

Hard graft, quality craftsmanship and reliability have been key to Andrew Smith’s success in the development of his joinery business. After investing in equipment and setting up a workshop in a disused farm building, he has grown his enterprise to a position where he now employs others from the local community to assist with the workload.

Using his YFC connections and through local advertising, Andrew has quickly become known for being a top class joiner.

Members of his club, Alnwick YFC, have all visited Andrew’s premises to see some of his finished work and to find out more about his trade. These sessions have encouraged members to learn more about these skills and associated trades and to consider setting up their own enterprises.

Work continues to be in high demand for Andrew and he is credited with being a trustworthy business and an inspiration to others. 


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