National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

NFYFC supports the government’s Every Child Matters agenda and its five outcomes

Be Healthy

NFYFC encourages YFC members to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Healthy cooking, nutrition and sports are all included in the national competitions programme, in which more than 16,000 young people take part every year. Specific issue-based project work is also undertaken. NFYFC also works with the charity Brook to raise awareness of sexual health issues among members.

Stay Safe

Young Farmers' Clubs provide a safe environment for young people in rural areas to meet, take part in a diverse range of activities and have fun. NFYFC provides regional training to keep members up-to-date with current legislation, and many Young Farmers' Clubs include workshops in their programme on a range of topics, from alcohol awareness to road safety.

Enjoy and Achieve

NFYFC offers YFC members the chance to join in a range of programmes and activities which are fun and incorporate elements of personal, social and emotional development. Its nationally run competitions programme, developed by the members themselves, aims to encourage YFC members to learn new skills, work together as a team and try something new. Competitions include skills such as public speaking, photography, dance and countryside craft. NFYFC’s accredited courses provide support for club members in developing their skills.

Positive Contribution

Young Farmers’ Clubs across the country support a host of charities each year and find innovative ways of raising funds for them. This can be anything from muck selling and sponsored bike rides, to raffles and discos. Together YFC members raise more than £250,000 annually for their chosen charities.They also use their skills to to help with projects within their local communities, such as creating a garden for charity, tidying churchyards and ditch clearing.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

NFYFC programmes and activities have clearly defined learning outcomes. Members get involved in programmes which result in learning experiences and skills that can be used throughout their lives. The very nature of YFC means that young people are encouraged to take responsibility for the running OF their own club and county federations. They are the trustees of their own charity. Feedback from past members proves how taking part in YFC activities has helped them in their careers.

Youth Matters - Somewhere to go and something to do

YFCs across the country provide a place for rural young people to meet and a range of exciting and fun activities for them to get involved in. YFC members have been able to take part in many more activities thanks the Youth Opportunity Fund and Youth Capital Fund. These have enabled members to organise youth forums, go on teambuilding trips and buy essential equipment. YFC members even sit on the Young People's Panel helping to decide who should receive this funding.


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