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Farm Safety

While UK farmers are among the best in the world, farming remains one of our country's most hazardous industries; accounting for 1.5% of workers but an incredible 15-20% of all worker fatalities (HSE).

NFYFC has always prided itself on the work it does with the Health and Safety Executive to deliver farm safety messages to our members and encourage advocacy of future safety. NFYFC has actively promoted and championed the HSE’s ‘Make the Promise’ agricultural safety campaign and is proud of the many young farmers who act as advocates for this, including James Chapman, ex-NFYFC Chairman and Mark Mather.

NFYFC is also an active member of the Farm Safety PartnershipHSE’s Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC) and works in partnership with the Wales Farm Safety Partnership to provide expert advice in engaging young people with farm safety. 


HSE Guidance

The HSE have published a new guide for farmers called ‘What a good farm looks like ‘ to help farmers understand the risks to health and safety on farm, how to control the risks and to comply with the law.

The NFU is promoting the guide to members on their website and it will help to get the message out across the industry if all FSP members promote in their own channels as well.

The guide is free to download at:

Future Plans

Going forward, NFYFC will be refocusing the Federation’s farm safety message with the objective of reducing the number of fatal and serious injury accidents occurring to Young Farmers and their families by targeted their hearts and minds. This will achieved through the promotion of safety awareness, practical advice and training and the support of key external organisations that can provide relevant and topical expertise.

Meet our partners

Supporting NFYFC to make our members safer are a range of industry leaders:

Farm Safety Foundation – championing farm safety week, farm safety ambassadors and the Yellow Wellies Campaign.

Honda – championing ATV Safety and awareness training.

Massey Ferguson – supporting the Federation to promote the importance of farm safety, with specific reference to farm machinery (more information to follow).

Learn more about Farm Safety Week.

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