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Many YFC members are already making their mark in the industry and are proving that there are opportunities in agriculture.

Helen Reeve, Harleston YFC

Helen has built a successful business with a miniature breed of 38 Dexter heifers – despite not owning any land or having any capital to start off her venture.

Helen has two awards for her business so far including the Norfolk Young Farmers’ Clubs’ Growing Business Award.

“I knew from the age of 11 that I was going to work on a farm of some sort, preferably with cows.”

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Russell Carrington, Hereford YFC

Russell turned his back on a career in Civil Engineering to return to progressing a career as a farmer. The 27-year-old is an Assistant Farm Manager on a farm in Herefordshire and is also Executive Secretary of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association. Russell is also one of NFYFC’s CEJA reps and is involved in the Green Food Project.

“We all have the power at our finger tips to influence decisions and people are receptive to what young farmers have to say.”

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