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The NFYFC works with a range of industry and government bodies to give young farmers a voice in shaping the future of farming. Here are just some of the forums, projects and organisations that NFYFC work with on a regular basis.

AgriSkills Forum

The Agriskills Forum has a vision to achieve a profitable, sustainable industry across the UK, valued by society, that is capable of meeting the demands of agriculture and land management in the 21st century. NFYFC has a voice on this Forum to help meet the challenges of the future.

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Agricultural Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC)

NFYFC Chief Officer James Eckley is a member of the HSE Agricultural Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC) to ensure that NFYFC contributes expertise and experience to AIAC. NFYFC helps to deliver farm safety messages to our members and to encourage advocacy of future safety.

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Bright Crop

NFYFC supports Bright Crop – a cross-industry initiative that inspires new young talent to consider a career in farming and food supply by promoting positive perceptions of agriculture and the associated sectors.

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British Grassland Society (BGS)

BGS is a membership organisation which acts as a communication forum, through events and publications, for the profitable and sustainable use of grass and forage. BGS is working with the NFYFC agriculture committee to disseminate technical, practical and business skills, environmental and resource consideration and future farming methods.

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The European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) is the voice of Europe’s next generation of farmers by providing representation for young farmers across Europe at the EU level. CEJA’s main objective is to promote a younger and innovative agricultural sector across the EU 27 and to create good working and living conditions for young farmers and potential young farmers. NFYFC’s membership is currently sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers which enables YFC members to lobby on issues such as CAP Reform.

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The campaign is supported by organisations from across the industry, a wide partnership that recognises the importance of managing the farmed environment voluntarily. The NFYFC Agriculture committee has worked with CFE to incorporate its work in various projects since its inception.

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Country Land and Business Association (CLA)

The CLA is a membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales. A YFC representative sits on the CLA Agriculture and Land Use Committee and CLA agriculture adviser Edward Barker attends the NFYFC Agriculture Committee meetings.

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Get Mentoring in Farming

A mentor can really help you make the most from your business, this new initiative has been developed to match up experienced business owners with those looking to develop their businesses.

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Green Food Project

Our members have provided input to the Defra project that is committed to looking at the challenge of increasing food production and enhancing the English environment.

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Fresh Start

NFYFC has held a place on the national steering group since its inception in 2004. The Fresh Start initiative aims to secure a sustainable future for farming in England through promoting an entrepreneurial culture and practical support in a number of areas including business management and continual professional development.

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The UK’s Sector Skills Council for land-based and environmental industries which ensures access for the right training & qualifications. NFYFC has a Memorandum of Understanding with Lantra to work jointly promoting opportunities, surveying members and undertaking research projects.

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Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)

LEAF helps farmers adopt environmentally responsible farming practices and creates a better public understanding of farming. An NFYFC Agriculture Committee representative sits on the LEAF Advisory Board and NFYFC is currently working with LEAF to pilot bespoke media training.

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Natural England

Working with NFYFC through a Memorandum of Understanding, Natural England hopes to enable young farmers to promote to the public the role that farming plays in caring for our natural environment. It hopes to help find more opportunities for young farmers to learn about and advocate sustainable food production that minimizes the negative impacts on the natural environment and maximizes positive benefits including sustaining other ecosystem services. Natural England was a partner in the NFYFC London 2012 project Great British Food for Great British Athletes.

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The NFU is the largest farming organisation in the UK, providing a strong, respected and independent voice for the industry. The NFU and the Young Farmers Club share the vision of a bright future for farming, and realise the need to support and develop the next generation of farmers. An NFYFC representative attends NFU Council meetings on your behalf. NFU provides advice, free student membership and free places for YFC members at conferences.

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