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Give it some YFC Welly Relay 2020

YFCs are only too aware of the impact of Coronavirus, following lockdown and social distancing restrictions. Some County Federations estimated shortfalls of as much as £50,000 when we surveyed them over the summer – and this was before the ongoing uncertainty about the pandemic had started to impact the new membership year as well. With national budgets also affected, the support County Federations receive is under threat as well as the survival of some YFCs.

The overall deficit is estimated at around £1m across the whole organisation.

We know how incredible YFC members are at raising funds for other charities but there is now an urgent need for them to fundraise for their clubs and counties to help them get through this difficult time. For the first time ever, NFYFC has launched a campaign to raise funds for YFC and is developing fundraising activities throughout the year.

To kick things off, the first activity started in October 2020 to give YFC members the chance to help secure their club and county’s future with the Give it Some YFC Welly Relay.

We’re challenging all clubs to ‘travel the distance’ between each of the clubs in their county to pass a ‘virtual’ welly from one club to the next, raising funds along the way.

While your county is clocking up the miles (this can be done in members’ back gardens or on a Covid-secure organised route, and on any mode of transport you choose*) you must use social media to ‘nominate’ another county to get involved until all counties have been passed a Welly.

To help Counties get their fundraising off the ground quickly, NFYFC has developed a Just Giving event page, which Counties can join. It means County Federations can start fundraising quickly without the administration required for registering with JustGiving. Counties can quickly create a fundraising page linked to this event, and all the proceeds raised will be given back to the County Federation at the end of the event.  Find out how to do this here

This section of the website will help you organise your County's fundraiser.  

How to get involved 

Set up on JustGiving 

Support materials 


*Risk assessments must be followed in line with local authority Covid guidelines and regulations.  


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