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Become a YFC Host

Every year, young people from across the world visit the UK as part of the YFC Travel programme. These visitors spend a week with YFC members, learning about life as a Young Farmer on the other side of the world.

Hosting an international exchangee can be just as much fun as travelling; all you need is a little bit of planning, teamwork and a taste for adventure!

What does hosting an exchangee involve?

If you choose to host an international exchangee, then they will stay at your home for a week and learn a little bit about life as a young farmer in the UK. But it’s not all down to you – hosting is a team effort and something your whole Club can get involved with.

You will have plenty of time before your visitor arrives to plan out the visit as a Club to make sure everyone has a brilliant week.

What does my Club get out of hosting an exchangee?

•    It’s a great project for your whole Club to get involved with together
•    Your members could learn a lot about other cultures and agriculture in another Country
•    This is a great chance to make new friends, and who knows you may even be invited to visit your exchangee in their home country
•    This could be the perfect opportunity to gain some publicity for your Club, local newspapers might be interested to know you have an exchangee visiting.

How can I get involved?

If you are a YFC member and interested in hosting an international exchangee, contact your YFC County office or County International Link person to find out more. If you have any questions about hosting an exchangee you can also contact Lauren Hancox at the NFYFC office on


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