National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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The NFU Trophy 

Awarded to the highest scoring County during the Competitions year 2017-18. 

Winners: Cumbria FYFC. Trophy to be collected by County Chairman for 2017-18 Henry Knowles.

Cumbria FYFC is the largest County affiliated to NFYFC, with more than 1,800 members. Despite its size, the number of members taking part in the competitions programme was dwindling and, in 2017, the officer team decided to take action. Current County Chairman Eamon Monaghan explains.

“Feedback showed that a lot of junior members didn’t really understand what the competitions entailed and because of this were less enthusiastic about getting involved. For example, one of the competitions is called Call My Bluff – but to a lot of new members, they haven’t got a clue what this is,” said Eamon. “So we decided to start filming all of the competitions and then saved all of the videos on to a USB stick to give to every club in the County to use during their club meetings. The results have been impressive!“

The videos have been popular and clubs have been able to show them during club meetings so everyone knows what’s involved in taking part.

“We have definitely seen an increase in clubs putting forward members to take part. For the first time ever Caldbeck YFC got involved in the Entertainments competition and got through to the national final in May. They only really got on board with the Performing Arts competition after watching the video of last year’s Pantomime entry and seeing what was involved.

“It has made people feel more confident about giving it a go. Being able to see a competition in action is much more powerful than someone trying to explain what’s involved – especially some of the YFC competitions!”

Cumbria also believe their bank of judges helped to give them more competing prowess, thanks to the detailed feedback they gave competitors. “We have a range of experienced and quality judges who have worked with us for years. In Cumbria you will effectively be taking part in two competition rounds before reaching the area and national finals and at each stage you will be given feedback on how to improve for the next time you compete. In my experience the standard is just getting higher and higher each year.”

As well as numerous second and third placements, the County were proud to pick up the first place trophies for Junior Reading and the Senior Stockjudge of the Year titles during the 2017-18 membership year, helping them to win the much-coveted NFU Trophy. 


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