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27 February 2015

The NFYFC Council has agreed to propose a 20% increase to the gross national levy that members pay to be part of the Federation.

The motion will be taken to the Annual General Meeting in Torquay on Sunday 26 April, where all members will be invited to vote on the proposed increase to the membership fee.

The percentage increase represents £2.66 per member based on the Federation’s current membership numbers and will bring in an additional income of £60,000 to help plug the funding gap.

NFYFC is facing a loss in funding due to the changes to its commercial trading arm, which are as a result of new Government legislation around the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS).

The decision to propose the increase was voted through unanimously at the February Council meeting after members reviewed NFYFC’s finances.

The national Federation already has plans in place to introduce new income streams and are assessing new ways of working. Steering Groups have also agreed to operate with reduced budgets and the Federation will continue to build on the massive savings that were made in 2014.

New Chair of Council Hannah Talbot urged members to get behind the levy increase to support the ongoing work of the Federation.

"The proposed increase in the national levy is a necessity if we are to ensure the future effective running of NFYFC. We want this organisation not just to survive but to thrive in the future and it is paramount that all our clubs and counties support us in making this happen,” said Hannah.

"The additional income still does not cover the gap in funding but we are also looking at additional income streams and new ways of working that will build on the savings we made in 2014. Please support our Federation and back the levy increase.”

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