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09 October 2017

YFC members are improving their workplace skills by gaining a training qualification through NFYFC. 

The Federation’s Train the Trainer course, which was recently held for members in the south west at Devon FYFC’s Rural Hub at the end of September and will be hosted in Yorkshire from 28-29 October, is proving to be a hit for CVs – especially for those interested in training and developing others in their role.

The course is certified by The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and all those who complete the course receive an internationally recognised qualification - Introductory Certificate to Training Delivery.

The course in Devon even involved some competitive fun on space hoppers!

Alice Giles, from Devon FYFC, is in her final year of membership and attended the recent course at the Rural Hub. Alice explains more about her experience of attending the course:

  1. Why did you decide to go on the Train the Trainer course?
    Across our county we’d like to increase the number of Curve modules delivered to clubs, especially farm safety as we have started a new campaign in Devon called Growing Safer Farmers. In a year’s time I’ll be out of membership age, so hopefully I will be in an ideal position to deliver courses to clubs and give something back to YFC.
  2. What did you think of the course, and what did you learn?
    The course was really easy going and at a great pace. I learnt without really realising! One thing I learnt was how to ‘read the room’ when delivering, so knowing when people are getting bored or having an info overload. We were also shown how to use some great ice breakers to wake people up again, but also link them to the course so you’re still teaching even when everyone feels like they’re doing a game. 

  3. How will you use your qualification now both within YFC and more widely?
    I’ll hopefully be delivering my first Curve module within the next month to clubs. Also, I hope to put together a new style of training for treasurers, as I feel clubs could really benefit from this at the moment. More widely, this is a really great certification to have on my CV, I’ve already told my employers about it and they are excited to see how it could be used at work.
  4. Would you recommend others go on the course and if so why?
    I definitely would, especially if you feel there’s something missing in your county or an area that could be improved on. It gives you the skills to better understand how you can improve this, and a great starting point to build your own training course. 

The next Train the Trainer course is being run in Yorkshire on 28-29 October. See here for more details. More courses will be advertised soon. 

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