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Rural+ campaign

Everyone struggles with the pressures of growing up from time to time and young people in rural areas have the added difficulties of accessing real social networks, education, transport and services. In some cases, these issues can lead to a feeling of rural isolation or social exclusion.

The Commission for Rural Communities identified three main causes of rural isolation:
1.    Lack of income and employment
2.    Lack of transport and other services
3.    Social isolation – the lack of contact with, and help from relatives, friends and neighbours etc.

Whilst we cannot eliminate all of these problems, our 598 Young Farmers' Clubs do provide high quality social, educational and emotional development of rural young people. 

With the cuts to rural youth work and service provision there is a need to ensure that YFC members have access to information and support if they are facing difficulties which may lead to mental health issues. 

A new national directory of rural support groups can be found via the YANA (You Are Not Alone) website.

The aim of Rural+

NFYFC wanted to provide information and tools to encourage YFC to become a strong support network for rural young people who may experience rural isolation and mental health issues. In 2013, it launched the Rural+ campaign, the brainchild of the National Chairman of Council (2013/14) Claire Worden, It had the following objectives: 

  1. To raise awareness of the factors contributing to rural isolation and the signs and symptoms for young people experiencing mental health issues.
  2. To identify how YFC supports members (as individuals) to help reduce the feelings of rural isolation and alleviate the symptoms.  
  3. To address the issues of rural isolation through NFYFC projects, making sure members are able to voice their opinions and influence policy makers.
  4. To identify and work with organisations that can help members and make sure that club members have access to them.

What does Rural+ mean?

The name Rural+ was chosen because we want to help young people to feel positive about rural life. As a member of a YFC, you already have a great network of friends and support around you and we want to let more young people know about this support.


Working with the Farming Community Network and Tama, NFYFC continues to provide resources and guides for members who need help. TAMA, world leader in the manufacture of crop packaging products, is backing the NFYFC campaign by sponsoring materials for clubs and counties to use.



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