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Survey findings

Young farmers are concerned about low incomes and an inability to save for the future, according to initial findings by The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) and The Farming Community Network (FCN).

Our survey asked young people with a farming background about their hopes for the future and, among the major concerns highlighted, were the limited opportunities for them to start farming (32%) and the lack of rural housing (55%).

In addition to rural challenges, young farmers also share the same concerns felt by young people more generally – such as low self esteem and concerns about body image (47% and 45% respectively). The majority of respondents were aged between 16 and 25 years old.

Reassuringly, the survey revealed that 47% of respondents would speak to their YFC if they had a practical problem – and 77% would also speak to a family member or friend.

Responses to the survey also indicated that succession planning and continuing the family business were also a cause for concern for young people. Only 9% of respondents had agreed a succession plan for their family business

The survey also revealed young farmers were concerned about:
•    Poor returns from farming (58%)
•    Animal diseases such as bTB, Schmallenberg virus (59%)   
•    Uncertainty of future farming profitability (54%)
•    Limited rural employment opportunities (41%)
•    Lack of capital/availability of finance (41%) and high land rents (45%)
•    Low income (50%) and inability to save (45%).


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