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Team Travel

Not sure about heading off on your own? Why not choose a team travel trip and you can share your adventure with other YFC members from across the country. Help out on a farm in Jamaica or meet young farmers from across the continent with Rural Youth Europe.

“At the end of an unforgettable week I had made eight new special friends, had a wealth of information about another culture and can safely say that the YFC Travel programme is one of the best aspects of YFC.” Arwel Evans from Pembrokeshire joined seven other Young Farmers on a trip to Kenya.

Volunteering in Africa

This is a wonderful opportunity to work side by side with community members in the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho then finish with a stunning safari experience in South Africa.

Volunteering in Argentina

If you are passionate about farming and want to meet local people, then this is the trip for you!

Rural Youth Europe Seminars

Join young farmers from across Europe and make new friends for life.

Rural Youth Europe is an international youth organisation, bringing together rural young people from more than 20 counties. Their main aim is to help rural young people share ideas and experiences and promote an awareness of rural issues such as unemployment and housing.

The Rural Youth Europe seminars only last a week and are the perfect trip for someone who’s short on time. They're a brilliant way of meeting young farmers from across Europe and sharing new ideas. Click on the links below to find out more about applying for the seminars.

Rural Youth Europe European Rally

Join 150 young farmers from across Europe for a week of homestays, sightseeing, sampling new cultures and making a bunch of new friends! Find out more.



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