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Top Trainer Award

Awarded to the County that delivers the Curve modules to the highest percentage of their membership from September 2017 to August 2018.

Winner: Natasha Hoggard, Nottinghamshire FYFC

This is the first year that NFYFC has awarded a Top Trainer and Natasha Hoggard’s achievements definitely deserve the trophy.

The award was launched to celebrate a YFC trainer that has shown an exceptional level of dedication and commitment to delivering YFC training at an excellent standard. 

Developing YFC members’ skills in Nottinghamshire has been a focus for Natasha over the last four years. The Southwell YFC member is a primary school teacher but also uses her skills to help deliver NFYFC’s Curve training modules to clubs throughout the County.

Natasha said: “The clubs have really enjoyed the Curve modules. They are really well-designed to make interesting and lively meetings. It doesn’t feel like school. I’m a teacher, so I can say that!”

Natasha is one of nine trainers in Nottinghamshire who help to deliver the training courses and says it’s a team effort.

“We’re really lucky because we’ve got quite a few trainers within the county. We started out as the three of us but we’ve gradually had more and more people join. It’s great to get fresh people in with new ideas.”

The County is very focused on delivering training that meets the needs of individual clubs. “When a club gets in contact with the County Office to ask for training, our County Organiser will run through what’s available and talk about things that they need. For example, we've delivered the Dream Teams module to clubs who need some support getting their team together. It’s good to target a need.’’

The County is eager to deliver Rural+ training to clubs next as they are aware of mental health being an issue affecting farming communities. “We try to pick training that we know will benefit members rather than it just being a meeting filler,” said Natasha.

Nottinghamshire has won the training trophy for the last two years but this is the first time an individual has been recognised. “I’m really proud to be receiving the training award. It’s great that it has stayed with the County!’’

Hannah Graham, Policy and Youth Engagement Manager from UK Youth, who was part of the judging panel for the Top Trainer Award, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the work and achievements of the trainers and was honoured to be part of the decision-making process to choose a winner. It was a tough decision with some great achievements all round, but massive congratulations to Tash and well done to everyone else. Best of luck to you all in the future."


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