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Lionel Hill Trophy

Awarded to the club that has raised the most money per member for a charitable cause.

Winners: Aylesbury YFC, raising £46,361.16 equivalent to raising 1,545.372 by each of their 30 members

Every single penny of the £46,361.16 made by members of Aylesbury YFC was raised with love.

The remarkable sum donated to Cancer Research UK and Pancreatic Cancer UK has won the Buckinghamshire club the Lionel Hill Trophy. But the recognition is of secondary importance compared to the driving force for their efforts – the memory of their friend, Lauren Cyster (pictured below right).

‘Lozza’, a popular member of the club, died in June 2018 from cancer and fellow club members decided to raise money for charity through 26 different events – one for every year of a life she lived to the full.

From bingo to cycling, from a whist drive to the London Marathon, Aylesbury members and their families committed to a string of events and challenges to raise valuable funds for a special cause.

They even took a lock of Lauren’s hair on a trek up Snowden.

The team smashed their initial target of £10,000 as donations continued to come in while they racked up the events.

The Club had initially planned on raising money solely for Cancer Research UK but, as their fundraising progressed, they learned that Lauren’s cancer had started in her pancreas before spreading to her lungs. So they decided that all the funds from their final event – a memorial ball – would go to Pancreatic Cancer UK. An astonishing £16,760 was raised to fund research into this form of cancer.

Lauren will always be missed by all her friends at Aylesbury YFC. But, apart from the fantastic money raised to help other people who are faced with cancer, the fundraising experience has helped the members cope with their loss – a YFC community coming together and being there for each other.

Brenda Cyster, Lauren’s mother, said: "It is still so totally overwhelming just how many people's lives Lauren had touched.

“Aylesbury Young Farmers and Buckinghamshire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs you are truly amazing human beings and I am so very grateful that Lauren was lucky enough to have had you in her life. Lauren would be so very very proud of you all.” 

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