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Young Farmers Ambassadors Award

Awarded to the YFC Travel participant (2018-19) that creates the best multi media presentation.

Winner: Robert Faulkner, Warwickshire FYFC for the presentation he created about his YFC Travel trip to Austria

A three-week adventure around Austria inspired Robert Faulkner from Warwickshire FYFC to create an informative and ‘trophy-winning’ video about his experience.

Spending time with three host families in different areas of the country – Freistadt in upper Austria, Hatting near Innsbruck and Marchfeld in Lower Austria – all provided Robert with opportunities to learn more about the country’s culture and agricultural industry.

“I chose Austria as it's a county with great history and culture, which I was naturally interested to learn about,” said Robert about his original application to the YFC Travel programme. “Austria also has a variety of agricultural regions, ranging from alpine areas with lots of small dairy herds, to large areas of flat and fertile land with large scale vegetable production. I also speak a little bit of German, which I thought may come in useful too.”

As well as helping out the families he stayed with – in Freistadt he spent time helping on the family’s farm as well as doing some building work on their new house – Robert also did a lot of sightseeing. As well as exploring Austria, he also visited Prague and Bozen in Italy on day trips. 

“I mostly enjoyed getting to know the host families and learning about their lives,” said Robert who enjoyed lake swimming and local events with the families. “There was a nice balance between helping out around the family, and a few local farms; and then also exploring the local area.”

One of Robert’s trip highlights was a tour of Ardo foods in the Marchfeld region of Vienna.

“We managed to see a lot of different vegetables being contract grown by farmers for Ardo, and then also the factory process in which they were all frozen,” said Robert. “I also managed to do a lot of hiking around Innsbruck, and the Nordkette mountain range was a particular highlight.”

Robert’s trip video features a range of highlights from his travels and also facts about Austria and the regions he visited. 

“Although I spent a good amount of time making the video, I didn't expect to win the trophy. I’m really pleased.

“I definitely recommend applying for a YFC Travel trip to others. All of the host families were very welcoming, you can learn a lot about a new country and its agriculture, and it was an all-round enjoyable experience.”

The YFC Travel programme is kindly supported by the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust. NFYFC also received a donation of £3,400 from the Young Farmers Ambassadors to support the YFC Travel programme. 

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