National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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The Tug Wilson Trophy 

Awarded to the reserve Champion County Federation for YFC Competitions Finals 2017-18

Winners: Lancashire FYFC

A competitive spirit helped Lancashire be the second highest scoring County at YFC competitions during the 2017-18 membership year.

As one of the smallest counties in the Northern Area, the achievement was even greater and Rachel Parker, County Chairman in 2017-18, attributes their success to members working together and entering as many of the competitions as possible.

“All our clubs try really hard and I think it’s reflective of everyone pulling together and doing the best they could.”

While the County does not have many formal trainers for competitions they do rely on members sharing their experience and best practice with others. It’s definitely a strategy that’s working as each club entered at least two competitions during the year. 

Rachel added: “Our clubs are really good – they help members who might not know what they’re doing and encourage them to take part. This is especially true in public speaking as we have a lot of members who have done it for a number of years and they know how to get the best out of people.”

Rachel also believes that the County has done well in competitions as they have a big mix of interests rather than being focused on a select few.

“The Northern counties are very competitive so we have done really well to place where we have with the number of members we have got. I’m over the moon to win the Tug Wilson Trophy as it reflects how well our members have tried and we couldn’t ask for more.”


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