National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

Young Farmers' Ambassadors Award 

Awarded to the YFC member who has participated in the YFC Travel programme who has produced the best multi media presentation.

Winner: Abbie Williams from Gwent FYFC for her presentation about her trip to South Africa on a volunteering trip.

We all know YFC members love supporting their local rural communities, but Abbie Williams also wanted to help farming communities overseas.

In 2018, Abbie left her village in Gwent behind and travelled with 11 other YFC members to spend two weeks in South Africa with Projects Abroad through the YFC Travel programme. The group’s aim was to improve food security for families and local communities in the townships of Cape Town.

What she found came as a surprise. “It was shocking to see the vast inequality across Cape Town but encouraging to see how they are trying to change the city for the future,” said Abbie.

Abbie and her fellow YFC members helped to create an urban market garden and an after-school club garden, as well as gardens at people’s homes.

“Working in the townships with the different families and seeing the children involved – knowing that they are growing food for themselves – was an amazing experience,” said Abbie.

Abbie’s lively and informative presentation demonstrated the skills she had learnt and showed how she had integrated and helped in the local communities. 


Designed by Kevyn Williams