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YFC at Home Activities 

We've pulled together some ideas for virtual activities or things you can do at home. These are just for fun and can be done at any time to suit you or your YFC. We'd love to see what you have been doing though, so please share your activity updates with us on social media (tag @NFYFC and use #YFcatHome) or email

We know loads of you have been enjoying virtual club activities and we'd love to see your ideas too – so share your ideas with us on the form at the end of this page. 

Please note, if your club or county is considering hosting a raffle, you must follow the relevant legal requirements. In law, raffles are treated the same as a lottery and your raffle must therefore follow those rules. Income from raffles cannot be treated as a charity donation, and you therefore cannot claim gift aid on it. Age restrictions can also apply. For more information, please see this handy guide here. If you are using a platform such as JustGving for your raffle, consider using the raffle event option when fundraising. 

YFC activity ideas for members

Festive rallies

Counties are hosting Christmas competitions to keep members engaged. In Cumbria, the county is running nine competitions (three each for junior, intermediate and senior members). All entries are via photos and clubs can have up to three entries per class. In Staffordshire, they are hosting a Christmas Rally with 14 Christmas-themed classes including ’A Homemade Gift’ and ‘Best Cracker Joke’.

Elf on the shelf

Glamorgan posted an ‘elf on the shelf’ to each club, to have some family friendly fun and share posts on social media.

Virtual carol service

A few clubs/counties are looking at virtual carol services or nativities. Essex FYFC is hosting a Jingling without the Mingling drive-in carol service event on 13 December at 2.30-3.30pm. Carols and seasonal songs, special guests and good cheer are being brought together for the Essex Farmers' Drive-in carol service. In aid of Essex Young Farmers, RABI and FCN, this carol concert is Covid-secure. You can book tickets here. 

Christmas crafts

Cornwall FYFC is hosting a number of Christmas challenges to keep members engaged including: Christmas Advent Calendar (any medium), Cornwall YFC Christmas Card, Christmas Wreath (for the door), A Family Christmas' - one or two photographs, Christmas Lights - one photograph, Nativity Scene made (mostly) from recycled materials, Christmas Cupcakes (Decoration only to be judged), Advent Candle/Christingle Display, Christmas Bauble, Gingerbread House, Christmas Cracker, Christmas Stocking/Decoration, Christmas Dinner Table Centrepiece, Christmas Snowglobe, Christmas Cake Showstopper (decoration only to be judged).

Christmas fundraisers

Ashley YFC is planning a countdown to Christmas with fundraising events to keep members and the local community engaged, while raising money for charity Cardiac UK and for the club. As well as a raffle, the club plan to host online duck racing and organise a visit from Father Christmas to their local town. Muck hauls have also been still taken place by some clubs (restrictions allowing).

Games Nights

Bingo and scavenger hunts have been popular for YFCs on Zoom during lockdown. Montgomery has also hosted online Wink Murder, Scattegories, quiz two truths and a lie, charades and emoji quizzes!

Bake together

If you’re looking for an online club activity that will give people something to do while connecting, a cookery lesson is a good place to start. Your chosen tutor can talk through the process while everyone has a go at cooking at the same time. Clubs have made cookies and baked cakes together. You can all enjoy the fruits of your labour together afterwards as well (via Zoom!)

Involve your pets

In Surrey, one club held a pets party tricks night. This event caused a lot of hilarity – especially from the non-performing pets! Northants has developed a 'one person and their dog' competition. Members are required to herd sheep, goats, geese etc into a pen. The County is also running a dog agility and obedience competition. The competitions are all done in isolation and members film and submit their entries.

Get competitive

Inter-club challenges on Zoom between two clubs have been popular in Surrey. The challenges are fun activities, such as scavenger hunts and Pictionary.

Online Year Book

Cumbria moved its year book to an online platform and saved money from printing. The County has hosted its year book on its Facebook page and uploaded it to its website. The County still did a small print run, but they have found the year book has reached more people online.

JCB speaker

Staffordshire worked with JCB to provide a talk on ‘The World’s Fastest Tractor’. There may be opportunities for other County Federations to receive this talk too so liaise with your JCB representative directly. Contact NFYFC for more details.

Farm tours

While this popular activity can’t go ahead physically, many clubs have found farmers willing to do a virtual version.

Others have involved online talks from vets, local farms and those involved in the industry. A local farm in Sussex agreed to record a video so members could take part in a virtual Stockjudging competition.

Clubs can use this virtual farm tour of Greens of Soham, recorded by YFC member Greg Colebrook from Cambridgeshire FYFC, for a club meeting activity.     

Using local media

Keeping the club in the spotlight and making connections over the airwaves has been an initiative from Cumbria FYFC. For the last five months the county has had a spot on BBC Radio Cumbria. Two clubs feature on the last hour of the show to explain more about their club and choose songs that remind them of YFC. The County has now moved on to Cumbria FYFC through the Decades, with former members from the 30s,40s and 50s having an interview and choosing a song. A great way to hear about the social history of YFC in your county. Listen here. 

More ideas for virtual club nights are available from the links below and also there are some suggestions for personal skills development too.  

Virtual YFC Club programme ideas

Virtual YFC Club programme ideas

If you're looking for ideas to keep your virtual club meetings interesting and engaging, then here are some suggestions to get you started. We know loads of you have been enjoying virtual club meetings and we'd love to see your ideas too – so please add them into the form at the end of this page.  

ABC Scavenger Hunt

Set a challenge to find either one item at a time or a few at once for members to go on a hunt for items in their house and garden – first back wins.


First person does an action, second person repeats that action and adds one of their own, third person repeats the actions of person one and two, then adds an action of their own this continues for all members. 

Guess the object

Each member chooses a household object and doesn't tell anyone what it is. Other members of the group ask up to 20 yes/no questions to guess what the object is.

Rainbow scavenger hunt

Collect items the colour of the rainbow.

Career advice? Invite a guest speaker

Ask a guest speaker to join your meeting to talk about their subject area. It could be related to agriculture, e.g a game keeper or agronomist, or you could invite the County Chair or President to join your meeting and talk about what they want to do when YFC gets up and running again. 


I went to the market and I bought

First person says an item, second person repeats that item and adds one of their own, third person repeats the items of person one and two, then adds an item of their own. This continues for all members. 


A theme is chosen by the leader, e.g. song titles. Each member of the group then thinks of a title of a song which they can act out in front of the other members. The members then have to try and guess the title. 


Using the whiteboard on Zoom this is something that the club officers can start off with members to guess the answers. 

Play Your Cards Right

Requires a pack of playing cards. The game is simple – five cards are set out, face down. Members need to predict if the next card to be revealed is higher or lower than the previous one. The member with the most correct is the winner.

Virtual Stockjudging

This requires preparation, as photos of stock need to be taken in advance. Members are shown the pictures of the stock and have to place them in order and give reasons for their choice.  The judge then gives their order and reasons.

Quiz night

Research some questions for different rounds, music, farming, YFC, current affairs, global, general etc. Host the quiz through Zoom or through platforms such as Facebook Live if you would like more people to join in.

Guest speaker

Invite someone to join the Zoom meeting to talk about or give a demonstration on a topic. Encourage members to put forward a range of suggestions to help put a programme together.

Virtual tour 

Host a virtual tour of a member’s business or a tour by a gamekeeper, a virtual visit to a farm, shoot, research centre or veterinary clinic. Consider the time and season of the year as well as the industry’s busy/quiet times.  

How to hold a Virtual Club Meeting

Providing a Safe Digital Environment

Skills development

Skills development

If you are thinking about how best to fill your days now is a good time to reflect on your own personal goals and set new ones.   We have listed a few ideas below to get you started.

Create a personal statement

A personal statement supports your UCAS application to study at a university or college. It’s your chance to articulate why you’d like to study a particular course or subject, and highlight what skills and experience you possess that show your passion for your chosen field. Get tips and advice on how to prepare one here using your YFC experience.

Learn a new skill 

Boost your CV by undertaking a short course. Whether you want to advance your knowledge or learn something completely new, there are lots of companies and training providers re-writing courses that can be accessed online.

Revamp your CV  

Now would be a good time to refresh your CV remembering to include any skills you have learnt through YFC whether that is taking on a club officer role, taking part in a competition or getting involved in a community project. 

Linkedin and recruitment sites 

Having up-to-date details on Linkedin and other recruitment sites will make sure that you are visible and have a better chance of finding the right job for you. Update your profiles and check contact details are current. 

Career search

How can you do a job if you never knew it existed? Now is a good time to research the range of careers available. There are lots of sites and you can narrow down your search by starting with your interests and skill sets.     


Whilst we cannot currently continue to volunteer in the same way as before we can help our club stay engaged with members and by helping others in the community assisting in local and national schemes such as the NHS call for volunteers or supporting UK growers with the seasonal labour shortage. Every little helps.   

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