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Farms and our members who are farming will be feeling the effects of the Covid-19 crisis too. Classed as key workers, farmers and food producers continue to work throughout the pandemic to ensure they can feed the nation.

But farmers are not immune from the virus and are having to implement protective measures as well as cope with the potential of a reduced workforce if they become ill.

YFCs are being encouraged to support their farming communities during this challenging time and many have already stepped up to do this.

There are also a number of ways you can seek support if you are working in the farming industry.


Agriculture and rural life lies at the heart of the YFC organisation. YFC AGRI is a dedicated group for all those with an interest in agriculture and the countryside. During the Covid-19 crisis we will aim to keep members informed of issues affecting the industry.  

Support growers

A Pick for Britain website was launched by the Government last year, which is a joint public sector and industry initiative to bring together those who are looking for work on UK farms over the harvest period with recruiters who have roles to fill. The website signposts people to the jobs available and provides information about this type of work. 

Enquiries about the hub can be sent to: and also be aware of the Find A Job site.

Support farmers

Farming Help

If you’re taking part in a local community support group – with or without your YFC – you could be part of the Farming Help database.

The five Farming Help charities – Addington Fund, Farming Community Network (FCN), Forage Aid, Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I), and RSABI, supported by the Prince's Countryside Fund - have set up Farming Help to support the farming community during the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The Helpline (03000 111 999), operated by FCN, is open 7am - 11pm every day of the year.

FCN is also helping the farming community to build personal and business resilience during this challenging time. Its FarmWell website  provides a wealth of information and guidance around topics such as Brexit, Covid-19, mental health, faith and spirituality and much more. FarmWell Wales has also been created through a joint collaboration between various government bodies and rural support charities including the Welsh Government, FCN, Farming Connect, the DPJ Foundation, Tir Dewi, The Addington Fund, Mind Cymru, Mind Monmouthshire and R.A.B.I.

NFYFC has asked all County Federations to share information about organisers of community groups operating in their areas. Make sure your County has passed on information about your group.


The NFU has a raft of information and support available to its members about managing your farming business during the Coronavirus. Some of this information is available to everyone while some will be behind a member login. NFYFC members can join the NFU for free though – so worth considering if you are in need of regular updated advice.

The NFU also launched an information gathering service on behalf of the agricultural and horticultural industries across the UK to assist the government in building a dynamic and up-to-date picture of the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on farmers and growers. This service is not just for NFU members – it is for all farmers and growers across the UK. The feedback will be used to flag key issues in daily updates to Government. Share views in the NFU's online form

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