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Litter challenges 

Now it’s time to start your litter pick!  Here are some extra challenges you can try with your club. Tweet a photo of specific items on twitter using the hashtag #YFCOperationGreen

  • Who will find the most unusual item?
  • Who will find the oldest piece of food packaging? (check the best before date)
  • Influence others by posting pictures of what you collect on twitter using the hashtag #YFCOperationGreen, you could photograph all your filled bags, or spread everything out on a sheet so we can see what you found
  • Inform the council that the litter is ready to be collected (if previously arranged).
  • Remember to separate the litter you collect into recyclables and non-recyclables according to your local recycling guidelines. The recycle now website can help you find out what you can recycle where you live.
  • Ask attendees to answer some quick survey questions to find out how taking part in the event has made them think.

Actions for group leaders

  1. Count the number of bags you have collected or the total weight of litter and fill in the survey. This is important to see the collective impact of everyone’s efforts, it will be used to calculate which club has collected the most litter. 
  2. As well as telling us how much litter you collect on your litter pick, you could go even further and sort your litter into different categories using the form on the Preventing Plastic Pollution online data hub. Submitting your findings through this hub will help researchers understand more about the sources and movement of litter through your local environment, so we can do more to support communities to reduce it.
  3. Also, it would be great if you could ask attendees on your litter pick to answer some quick survey questions to find out how taking part in the event has made them think. They can do this online here. 

We will let you know the total amount of litter collected by Young Farmers' Clubs across the country, as well as which club collected the most litter and who found the most unusual or oldest item!

Keep going, you could make doing a litter pick a regular thing. Does litter in your local area increase or decrease over time? The survey for recording how much litter you collect will stay live for a year so keep reporting what you collect.

Carry out your own at-home plastic health check using our YFC at Home resources. Pledge to reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate so less litter enters the environment in the first place.

Check out other resources to help you prevent plastic pollution


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