National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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Cornish Mutual  

RUNNER UP – YFC Supporter of the Year Award 2020

Over the last decade, Cornish Mutual has built trusted relationships with the South West YFCs resulting in the company providing advice, mentoring and practical help as well as financial support, totalling more than £131,000. 

During the membership year 2019-2020, Cornish Mutual covered a range of YFC activities including, promoting and recruiting new members, organising events and providing IT support. 

Recognising the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic posed to YFCs, particularly as a result of fundraising events being cancelled, Cornish Mutual remained committed to its support for YFC events and rallies.  Throughout lockdown, the company sponsored YFC social media events and competitions, and hosted a webinar. 

Cornish Mutual works with YFCs and local rural organisations, to provide helpful advice and resources that meet the needs of young farmers and their farming communities.


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