National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

Sarah Bolton, Clitheroe YFC, Lancashire

Shortlisted for YFC Supporter of the Year Award 2020

YFC members’ skills and confidence have improved massively thanks to Sarah’s involvement in Clitheroe YFC over the past couple of years.

As a trustee of the club, Sarah has encouraged members to do their best and is always eager to provide exciting opportunities for everyone to learn new skills. Her resourcefulness has also helped the club to gain grants and financial support in running different activities, such as a recent drystone walling course.  Sarah secured funding for the two-day training so it could be offered free to members to take part. She also achieved similar financial support for ATV training and a hedge laying course.

Sarah is always at the end of a phone for those who need help and she keeps the club up to date with changes in regulations that they need to know.

Her dedication knows no bounds, as she was also found stewarding the Christmas tractor run for three hours in the pouring rain!

Despite Sarah not being a former member of the club (she joined Bolton by Bowland when she was in membership age) she hooked up with Clitheroe YFC after moving to a farm nearby. 

Her dedication to supporting the club has brought the club together more through the fun, learning and achievement that Sarah clearly promotes.  


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