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Sharon Jones, Llangollen YFC, Clwyd

Shortlisted for YFC Supporter of the Year Award 2020

There is no one like ‘our’ Sharon according to members of Llangollen YFC. Her devotion to the YFC has spanned more than 45 years from being a member to taking on roles as a County Chairman, acting County Organiser, and even a deputy president of NFYFC. 

Currently she is County treasurer for Clwyd but Sharon offers so much more support than just helping balance the books. As one of the three club leaders for Llangollen YFC, Sharon helps with sourcing grants and coming up with unique fundraising ideas as well as actively encouraging members to get involved in competitions.

She is always eager to get to know all members across the County – not just those in Llangollen YFC – and can often be credited with nurturing the ‘quiet kid’ in the corner to become a stockjudging champion or a top public speaker.

She encourages members of all ages to compete and always manages to get associates to help out too, as she knows everyone.

Sharon attends every county meeting, social night and all activities because she loves to see YFC members enjoying those experiences too.

She is one of the 'go-to' people in YFC who has great knowledge inside and out of the county and organisation.


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