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23 January 2017

Your European Council of Young Farmers’ (CEJA) representatives are gearing up for talks this week with MEPs and fellow European young farmers.

Travelling to a joint European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) and CEJA workshop in Brussels on January 25-26, they will help to push forward CEJA’s agenda of generational renewal. 

Richard Bower is set to highlight his family business’ LEADER project for support to embrace the complete strip tillage system.

Richard said: “I’m fine-tuning my presentation to demonstrate how changing our cultivation technique from conventional ploughing to minimum till in 2005 has produced a reduction in fuel costs and an improvement in soil structure. The strip tillage system and the incorporation of relevant machinery is the next step for our business. This will help to further reduce input costs, reduce green house gases and continue to improve our soils for future generations.

I look forward to sharing my farming and project experience with fellow young farmers and despite the forthcoming change in future policy, hope such examples will be examined thoroughly by our own domestic policy makers.”

The workshop will help to share good practice by highlighting: practical examples of supporting generational renewal by sharing knowledge; identifying how interlinked Rural Development Programme (RDP) measures are being used and identifying further co-operation between the National Rural Networks (NRNs) and young farmers.


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