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29 March 2017

The white boards were out for your county agriculture and rural issues representatives on Saturday.

The NFYFC AGRI steering group hosted a morning for steering group members and AGRI link representatives who travelled to KUHN’s Shropshire headquarters. Working with sponsors and supporters, the group discussed effective development and delivery of YFC AGRI training events and projects, highlighting the importance of effective communication for all.

“It’s good to reflect and challenge ourselves in our role as AGRI reps for our members,” said AGRI Chair Harriet Wilson.

“Communication of our work is key and everyone benefitted from the chance to share information and make plans to enhance the role we play.”

AGRI members were joined by Savills Food & Farming consultants Ashley Lilley and Tom Atkins who have collaborated on the ambitious NFYFC & Savills Smart Farming Guide.  The new online advisory project is in the last stages of development and received a ‘thumbs-up’ from all.

“This is most definitely a legacy project and a great future asset for all YFC members,” said West Midlands’ YFC Area President David Fellows.

The Smart Farming Guide will be highlighted at this year’s NFYFC AGRI Forum and be available for YFC members to use from September. This Defra-funded project is part of NFYFC’s 2017 development programme.




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