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23 June 2017

NFYFC undertook two Defra-funded research projects to help establish the current Fresh Start Land Enterprise (FSLE)  matching service pilot - Land Partnerships Service. The pilot service was launched last June and has been gathering momentum!  You might have had chance to catch up with one of the Fresh Start team at the AGRI Forum, but If you’re looking for a farming business opportunity, make sure you check out the service and register your interest.

The bespoke service was developed to draw together entrepreneurs looking for innovative ways of working with land owners, business owners or land agents with an opportunity or land to offer.  Have a look at some FAQs and see if the Land Partnerships Service can help you with your future business aspirations.

16 June 2017

The NFU has produced an updated infographic to raise awareness around biosecurity for poultry keepers, particularly in light of recent Avian Influenza (bird flu) outbreaks in backyard flocks.

Multiple outbreaks of Avian Influenza in the UK happened over the winter period, with three cases in the space of a month occurring in backyard flocks. The NFU are encouraging everyone to share the infographic as widely as possible.

You can download the infographic is in printable form, so it can be easily printed and displayed in as many appropriate places as possible  so that as many backyard poultry owners are reached as possible. The infographic can also be shared on website, social media or by email.

For further help or advice please refer to the links below:

  1. Online page for the infographic
  2.  Defra how to keep your birds safe advice to backyard flock keepers 
  3. The NFU Avian Influenza Hub



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