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21 November 2016

Collaboration with European young farmers and next generation initiatives is helping YFC members to promote future farming.

Alastair Wilson, a member of the NFU’s Next Generation Forum and November’s NFYFC CEJA representative, took young farmers’ views to a CEJA (The European Council of Young Farmers) working group meeting at Massey Ferguson Manufacturing in Breganze, Italy. The group met and discussed CEJA’s future position on environment, risk management tools and insurance.

Alastair, who is a farmer and vegetable grower from the North West on a family farm, travelled to Italy to gauge how his European farming colleagues were dealing with issues; how they viewed different topics and what they believe to be the best way of promoting the future of farming. Talking with ‘a great bunch’ of fellow Europeans allowed knowledge transfer to flow freely. You can read Alastair’s full report online.

NFYFC’s CEJA membership is shared with the NFU’s Next Generation Forum, which Alastair is a member of as well as a CEJA representative.
Alastair was also a delegate at the NFYFC ‘Know Your Future Market’ forum in October and from his perspective this was a really good day that offered a great spread of speakers and topics.

Alastair commented: “It’s interesting to see how people in agriculture deal with different things, what they see as opportunities and threats, their current markets and future trends. This helped me at CEJA when I spoke with fellow young farmers who had different farming interests from my own.”

Find out more about NFYFC’s membership of CEJA here.


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