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27 February 2017

A great new opportunity has arisen to make your voice heard as part of the future policy on livestock policy, in partnership with the NFU.

In this current trading climate and Brexit coming ever closer, it’s never been more important to ensure young people’s voices are heard in the future of livestock policy.

The NFU hopes to demonstrate the variety and breadth of work undertaken for the livestock sector through a new partnership opportunity.

Getting involved would mean contributing to discussions, shadowing NFU advisers or joining industry and government meetings.

The NFU’s national Livestock Board  is key in policy-making. This board is underpinned by a Beef and Sheep sub group as well as the Uplands forum.  Policy issues are wide and varied and include future government policy, supply chain, market transparency and industry collaboration.

If this all floats your boat, next stop is an invitation to sit on the Young Person’s Livestock Board and help shape future NFU policy. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact to find out more details and give it a go!

20 February 2017

Complete this short survey, devised by FACE, asking your opinion your opinion about young children and teenagers in secondary education as well as your thoughts on key issues and topics around food, farming and the countryside.

The national curriculum is full of opportunities to learn about food, farming and the countryside, but educators don’t make as much use of the context of food, farming and the countryside in their teaching as they could. Many young people complete their education without having a clear understanding of food sources and the farming environment.

FACE has devised a survey asking your opinion about young children and teenagers in secondary education as well as your thoughts on key issues and topics around food, farming and the countryside. If you could take a little time to fill in this questionnaire this would help create a 'best case' curriculum.

You don't have to be in education or farming to share your opinion!

03 February 2017


NatWest and The Royal Bank of Scotland have released a new report revealing that millennial farmers are facing serious, unnecessary challenges impacting the entire industry. The number of young people entering the sector continues to fall, and those already in the sector can’t grow and diversify their farms. The report calls for a more joined-up, cross-government, farming sector and finance framework to ensure this economic potential doesn’t remain untapped.
AGRI Chairman Sam Dilcock attended the launch and said: “NFYFC was one of organisations consulted for the report findings and our post-Brexit survey provided pertinent information.  It’s great to see that AGRI’s work representing the voice of YFC members has contributed to these significant findings.  We look forward to future collaboration with industry to help form a fit-for-purpose British agricultural policy.”

You can download the NatWest Agricultural Report here.

02 February 2017


Walk the Wool Chain 

British Wool Marketing Board, Sidings Close, Canal Road, BRADFORD, BD2 1AZ

28th February and 14th November 2017

  • Find out how your Wool Board works for you
  • Walk the wool processing chain from fleece to end product
  • Hear tips from British Wool Marketing Board experts 

This is a free event open to a maximum of 12 YFC members - first-come, first-served

A farmer-run organisation, the BWMB was established in 1950 to operate a central marketing system for UK fleece wool, with the aim of achieving the best possible net return for producers. The BWMB is also responsible for shearing and related training, marketing and promotional work on behalf of the sheep wool industry.

Day-to-day operations are run from the Board's headquarters in Bradford, with regional offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  You will meet at Wool House for an introductory talk on the role of the marketing board and view the electronic wool auction.  Tour the BWMB’s grading depot in Bradford and travel to a scouring plant (scouring and carding).

Click here to download an application form.


9.45 am              Meet at Wool House, BWMB’s headquarters in Bradford

10.00 am            Welcome, introductory talk and view the electronic wool auction

11.30 am           Visit BWMB’s grading depot in Bradford (North of England Wools) for introductory talk and tour of the depot’s grading processes

12.45 pm           Lunch

1.30 pm              Presentation on the marketing work of the BWMB and the Campaign for Wool

2.00 pm              Travel to scouring plant for a tour of Howarth’s Scouring and Enco laboratory

3.30 pm             Depart Howarth Scouring for close at Wool House

Lizzie Coar, from Lancashire YFC, went on a ‘Walk the Wool Chain’ tour earlier this year:


“I don’t think any of us comprehended how complex the wool supply chain was once the wool left the sheep’s back. The sheer scale of the Bradford depot was incredible and the skill of the graders really amazed us, particularly the fact that a five year apprentice course has to be completed to become a fully trained grader."


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