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30 March 2017

NFYFC is a partner organisation with HMRC to provide up-to-date information for our employer and employee YFC members.

Did you know that you can register online to get business help and education emails from HMRC or watch videos and join webinars for a whole host of different subjects, help and information?

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29 March 2017

Young farmers across Europe are being asked to share their views on how they see their futures and to help implement a more sustainable agricultural sector.

The survey, launched by the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), has partnered with DeLaval, to launch the European-wide survey that is available in seven languages.

CEJA President Alan Jagoe said: “Without the input of young farmers in their future I don’t see how policymakers can make the informed decisions we need to see at the European stage. Weas CEJA are happy to partner with DeLaval to support further research into the sector.”

The collected results will be presented in a final report in September during an event in Brussels, aiming to involve the EU and all major stakeholders.

Young farmers can complete the survey online here.

29 March 2017

The white boards were out for your county agriculture and rural issues representatives on Saturday.

The NFYFC AGRI steering group hosted a morning for steering group members and AGRI link representatives who travelled to KUHN’s Shropshire headquarters. Working with sponsors and supporters, the group discussed effective development and delivery of YFC AGRI training events and projects, highlighting the importance of effective communication for all.

“It’s good to reflect and challenge ourselves in our role as AGRI reps for our members,” said AGRI Chair Harriet Wilson.

“Communication of our work is key and everyone benefitted from the chance to share information and make plans to enhance the role we play.”

AGRI members were joined by Savills Food & Farming consultants Ashley Lilley and Tom Atkins who have collaborated on the ambitious NFYFC & Savills Smart Farming Guide.  The new online advisory project is in the last stages of development and received a ‘thumbs-up’ from all.

“This is most definitely a legacy project and a great future asset for all YFC members,” said West Midlands’ YFC Area President David Fellows.

The Smart Farming Guide will be highlighted at this year’s NFYFC AGRI Forum and be available for YFC members to use from September. This Defra-funded project is part of NFYFC’s 2017 development programme.



13 March 2017

Young Farmers welcomed supply chain expert Professor Jan Godsell to the AGRI Forum in Blackpool last year which promoted the development of a new pilot supply chain training event.

Held at WMG, University of Warwick and devised by NFYFC and Professor Godsell of WMG, the event attracted a diverse group of participants keen to explore how greater knowledge of supply chains could help their career and business prospects.

With a background in industry and agriculture as well as academia, Professor Godsell used her applied research within the dairy sector to demonstrate the relevance of how understanding supply chains could influence future business culture.

“The industry is on the cusp of change. It is increasingly recognised that an end-to-end supply chain approach is required to ensure that food can be supplied at lowest possible cost, with minimum waste, ensuring a fair return to all. It’s essential that YFC members have an understanding of supply chains and the types of business models they can adopt to remain competitive.

“Equally as important for young people is an understanding of your own personality trait and career aspiration.  The two aren’t always compatible, so a key part of this pilot was to discuss personal ambitions and routes to realise these.

“We appreciate that not everyone wants to be a business entrepreneur, but those entrepreneurs will be creating some of the future opportunities within the industry.” 

Toby Whatley from Worcestershire said: “I wanted to find out how I could use the knowledge of supply chains, apply that to my business ideas and drive the family business forward.

“I think these events are really important and very helpful. It’s good to take advantage of opportunities that your YFC membership provides.” 




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