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Cheerleading (26 & Under)

Name of competition: Cheerleading

Upcoming competition date: The Final will be held in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Convention on Sunday 23rd April 2017.

Venue: Riviera International Conference Centre, Torquay

Outline of competition:

Each team is required to perform a Cheerleading routine. Cheerleading is a physical activity, which contains many elements including dance, jumps, cheers and stunts to direct spectators of events to cheer-on sports teams at games of to encourage spectators to participant in competitions/sports.

Safety Clarification: This clarification should make clear what can be included in the routine and protect the safety to all participating.

For the purposes of this competition, Tumbling is a gymnastic element and a Stunt is a lift (normally a static nature at this level) where a person has their weight off the ground)


Allowed: Forward Rolls, Backward Rolls, Cartwheels, Front Walkovers and Back Walkovers

Not Allowed: Tumbling that involves a spring or run (i.e. Flips, Somersaults, Handsprings)


For the purposes of this competition, we are defining Stunts as 'an element performed by a group of Cheerleaders, involving Flyers, Bases and Spotters.

Flyer:  A person without contact to the ground – Also known as Mounter/Top person

Base: A person in direct contact with the floor who provides primary support for the flyer and could also be responsible for catching the flyer during dismount

Back Spot: A person primarily responsible for protecting the head, neck and shoulders of the flyer. They must be positioned to the side or the back of the stunt. The Back Spot may not have both hands providing primary weight-bearing support to the flyer. The Back Spot must be participating members of the team.

These rules state that Stunts are allowed, but to note that the NFYFC Final is being performed on a HARD WOOD FLOOR. 

No Stunt to be more than 1½ persons high (a member sitting on another members shoulders = 1½ members high)

All stunts at this height must have a Back Spot. Not Allowed: Stunts that involve a Twist or Rotation. Teams must adhere to these guidelines.  At the area rounds and NFYFC finals, if the judge(s) believe moves in the routine to be dangerous, the performance will be stopped and will not be scored.

At the NFYFC Final the size of the dance area will be in the region of 10m x 10m (The County will confirm detail of the County final, the Area will confirm detail of the Area Final)

Music to be submitted to NFYFC no later than Friday 7th April 2017 on CD format.

A Performing Rights (PRS) Society for Music Form will be supplied to finalist teams by the NFYFC (as directed by the venue license holders) for the final of the competition.  This form must be completed and returned to the NFYFC together with the Music CD no later than Friday 7th April 2017.

All music must be, at every round, a Radio Edit – i.e. suitable and passed for radio broadcast to family (pre watershed) audiences.

Timetable for the day: TBC 
Competitors Notes: TBC
Rules: Cheerleading (26 & Under) - Rules 2016-17

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