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Co-options to NFYFC Steering Groups and Council

NFYFC Steering Groups

To help deliver NFYFC’s work effectively, the NFYFC Council has appointed Steering Groups, which represent five specialist areas of the Federation. They are responsible for reporting their ideas, policies and plans to the NFYFC Council for approval. Members are elected to positions on each Steering Group and are ambassadors for NFYFC. 

The five Steering Groups where YFC members have representation at a national level are:

  • Agriculture and Rural Issues – giving members a voice on rural issues
  • Competitions – developing and delivering national competitions
  • Events and Marketing – suggesting new events and helping to shape existing ones
  • Personal Development – promoting and developing training, youthwork and the YFC Travel programme
  • Youth Forum – representing the views of the younger members of the Federation

Each Area Committee and Wales FYFC elect two council members (from County Federations within their respective Area/Wales) to each of the Steering Groups. Different criteria are used for the Youth Forum (which is outlined in the Youth Forum’s Terms of Reference).

Co-options to NFYFC’s Steering Groups

Each Steering Group offers three additional co-option places. These places are for those with specific expertise, knowledge or experience that will help and support the Steering Group to achieve its goals.  Co-option places can be applied for by current YFC members, associate members or individuals (non-YFC members) with special knowledge of a topic that will support the steering group and its work.  All co-opted people, whether a YFC member or not, will add value and expertise to Steering Group. Each Steering Group seeks individuals with different skills/experience.

The Agriculture and Rural Issues Steering Group is seeking applicants who have an active working knowledge of, or particular interest in, farming and rural industries, agricultural and rural allied industries, education or policy.  For further information please contact Sarah Palmer  024 7685 7213.

The Competitions Steering Group is seeking applicants who have skills in at least one of the following areas - sports, farm skills, stockjudging and speaking.  For further information please contact Margaret Bennett 024 7685 7216.

The Events and Marketing Steering Group is seeking applicants who are experienced marketeers, skilled event managers, social and/or printed media experts. For further information please contact James Eckley 024 76857 214.

The Personal Development Steering Group is seeking applicants who have knowledge of either youthwork, travel or training.  For further information please contact Cath Sykes 024 7685 7220.

The Youth Forum is looking for members aged 10-20 who are interested in ensuring that YFC offers exciting opportunities for the younger members in terms of the competitions, events and projects they can access within the organisation. They work with the other four NFYFC Steering Groups and Council to ensure that members aged 10-20 have a voice. For further information please contact Jodie Green 024 7685 7222

Co-option on to a Steering Group does not mean that you have been co-opted on to the NFYFC Council.  This is a difference process.

Co-options to NFYFC Council

Council members are able co-opt a maximum of 16 people on to the NFYFC Council. These co-option places are open to both individuals and organisations (up to 10 places) that can offer expertise, knowledge and experience to support the NFYFC Council to make informed decisions.

Representatives from external organisations are co-opted for a term not exceeding three years. After three years they are eligible for co-option for a further term or terms.

At its meeting in February 2019, the following organisations were elected as co-options to the NFYFC Council:

  • British Youth Council
  • National Farmers Union (Next Generation Committee)
  • Leaf Education (LeafEd)
  • Farm Community (FCN)
  • Rural Youth Europe (RYE) 

Individuals are co-opted for a one-year term and can be co-opted for a maximum of three terms (i.e three-years).  The following people were elected at the Council meeting held in February 2019:

  • Rachel Benny – Cornwall FYFC
  • Katie Davies – Pembrokeshire & Vice Chair of Wales YFC
  • Katie Edington – Gloucestershire FYFC
  • Laura Elliott – Glamorgan FYFC
  • Lucy Etches – Derbyshire FYFC
  • Edward Ford – Essex FYFC
  • George Goodwin – Staffordshire FYFC
  • James Hutchinson – Wiltshire FYFC
  • Rachel Kelsall – Lancashire FYFC
  • Fay Bevan – Herefordshire FYFC
  • Kate Wainwright – Derbyshire FYFC 

The process of election for co-options to Steering Groups and to NFYFC Council

Ideally, NFYFC would like to invite potential co-options to submit a statement of approx 100 words giving an outline of the expertise and experience that they could bring to the Steering Group and/or Council and why they should be co-opted. In addition to the statement, the following information is required:

  • Steering Group applying for (or Council)
  • Name, YFC Club
  • YFC County Federation
  • Email and telephone number.

Submissions should be completed using the form found here or an email can be sent to Sandra Bromley ( by 12 noon on Friday 14 February.

Following the deadline, the statements will be circulated to the relevant Steering Group members (these are the 14 members from the 7 Areas) or to Council members (for Council co-options) as they are responsible for proposing and seconding potential co-options to Steering Groups/Council.
This process is intended to assist the elected members of the Steering Group in making an informed decision when electing their co-options. It is not an exclusive process, so nominations can also be made on the day at the Steering Group or Council meeting.

Depending on the interest received, applicants for Steering Groups may be invited to attend the Steering Group meeting on the afternoon of 15 February 2020 and applicants for co-option to Council may be invited to attend the Council meeting on Sunday 16 February 2020 at the Quality Hotel, Coventry. However, if they cannot attend this meeting they will not be disadvantaged.

If successful

If elected, the successful co-options will be required to attend the remaining meetings of the year (up to 3), and engage as any other member of the Steering Group/Council by responding to emails and actively engaging in discussions.

Co-options are elected annually at the February meeting and a co-optee can be re-elected a further two more times; i.e the maximum term for a individual (YFC member) as a co-option to a Steering Group or to Council is three years.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact, James Eckley, Chief Officer.


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