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efficiency with safety

Name of competition: Efficiency with Safety

Upcoming competition date
: Saturday 1st July 2017

Venue: Staffordshire County Showground, Stafford

Outline of competition:

The team shall appoint a leader who will undertake the duties of a foreman. In addition to his/her foreman duties, they must also carry out one of the tasks.

Competitors to provide their own tools.  All equipment must be returned to its original place after completion of each task.


A Team Member is required to carry out daily maintenance and safety checks on a loader tractor with bucket attachment and tipping trailer prior to the commencement of the task. The team member is to carry out a verbal risk assessment with the judge on the task they will be completing. The team member is required to attach the bucket to the loader and load the tipping trailer. Two bucket loads of a ballast substance must be tipped into the trailer.  Once the trailer is loaded, attach the tractor to the trailer and drive for a distance directed by the Judge. The distance should be approx 100 to 200 metres to represent road travel, and does not include manoeuvring tasks. Tip the contents and then return the tractor and tipping trailer to original position. Detach the bucket from the tractor. (For County and Area Rounds this could be made easier by simulating the loading and tipping of the ballast)


A team member is required to carry out daily checks on the tractor & fertiliser spreader. Carry out a verbal risk assessment with the judge on the given task.  Including appropriate PPE for the task. Attach fertiliser spreader to tractor, calibrate according to manufacturer’s instructions, and take to field and set up for a day’s work as directed by the judge. Return to original position and un-hitch spreader from tractor.


A team member is to carry out tasks on a ‘cold’ tractor which has several faults that need to be identified by the team member. The competitor will be required to answer judge’s questions. This tractor will be separate from the one used in Task 1 and Task 2.  The team member will be requested to remove the cab air filter on the tractor and clean as necessary, and replace the filter. The team member will be required to verbally demonstrate knowledge of weight and size regulations when travelling on the road.


A team member is required to carry out daily maintenance and safety checks on a sit astride ATV prior to commencement of task.   The competitor is to carry out a verbal risk assessment with the judge on the task they will be completing.

The competitor is required to drive an ATV through a ‘set’ course as instructed by the judge; this will involve hitching and loading a trailer. 

All competitors must take into account Health and Safety at all times.  Correct personal protective equipment must be worn.  Safe start and safe stop procedures must be adhered to.


During the course of the practical exercise, a mock farm accident will be staged.  Teams will be informed when the accident happens; the Farm Foreman must then decide which of his team members shall deal with the situation.  It is expected that there will be by-standers who may be questioned regarding the accident.  The First Aid Judge will indicate when the casualty has been satisfactorily dealt with and when the member or members may recommence work.

Knowledge of elementary First Aid is necessary, but in no case will competitors be expected to render assistance further than instructed in the Joint First Aid Manual of St. John Ambulance and The British Red Cross (available from WH Smith or other large bookshops).  The Highway Code and Farm Safety Regulations must be applied at all times.  If in the opinion of the Judges a competitor is undertaking a Task in a way likely to endanger them or others; the competitor will be stopped and the danger brought to his attention.  The competitor will be expected to correct the matter and then continue with the Task.

Timetable for the day: TBC
Competitors Notes: Competitor Notes Efficiency with Safety 2017
Rules: Efficiency with Safety (26 & under) - Rules 2016-17

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