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Running a business development competition in your county or club

Farm Business Development Competition Winners 2009

The principles of the NFYFC farm business development competition can be applied to county competitions or adapted to suit different themes of business development competitions.

It is important to make sure that your competition matches industry requirements and it’s advisable for judging criteria to be discussed and agreed by the organisers and judges.

If you are devising a similar type of competition on a county or club level, the following points might be helpful:

  • Make sure the judging criteria is made available to both judges and competitors
  • Find a suitable case study – if it’s a farm, make sure the correct risk assessments are carried out and that an efficient health and safety policy is in place. It could be a business development project based on a different subject ie a community, renewable or housing project
  • Find suitably qualified judges who may give invaluable input to the task of the competition and judging criteria
  • Highlight the learning and skills outcomes of the competition task to support any application for sponsorship
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Need some helpful hints? click here for the competition template

Advice on business start-ups and can be accessed by clicking here.

This service is free of charge and available for anyone with access to the internet.


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