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The agriculture industry has around 150,000 businesses – that’s 6% of all UK businesses – and 660,000 employees.* Despite the often negative press, opportunities in agriculture are alive and well.

In fact the industry is calling out for the next generation to help shape the future of farming – and our Young Farmers are leading the way.

If you are interested in a career in agriculture but have no background in farming it may seem like an impossible task. At NFYFC, we’re working with our members to help them, industry and the Government to highlight the many opportunities in agriculture through training schemes, partnerships, and networking.

Whether it’s offering members ways to develop their skills or giving them a political voice in Europe – NFYFC runs a range of activities to support future farmers.

Check out the links at the side of this page to find out how NFYFC can support you in your career and find out how YFC members are helping shape their future in agriculture.

*Figures from Lantra.

NFYFC Farming Opportunity Matching Service Research

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) receives an annual grant from Defra.   In 2012, it was requested by YFC members that part of this annual funding was used to undertake a feasibility study into a ‘Farming Opportunity Matching Service’. The feasibility study took place in 2012 and as a result of the first study, additional research was again supported by Defra in 2014 from which recommendations were made to continue the project.

A ‘Farming Opportunity Matching Service’ pilot is now being taken forward by the Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre.   

NFYFC continues to work in collaboration with other organisations to help provide future opportunities for young farmers and YFC members Russell Carrington and Caroline Trude are part of the Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre advisory group.

Feasibility study - Phase 1                                    Feasibilty study - Phase 2

Farming Opportunity Matching Service

The Land Partnerships Service opened in June to help forge future rural and agricultural business opportunities. 

The bespoke service has been developed to draw together entrepreneurs looking for innovative ways of working with land owners, business owners or land agents with an opportunity or land to offer. The initiative aims to fill a gap and enable new businesses to thrive - with new agreements forged between like-minded individuals who just need a means of tracking down the right business partner.


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