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Future Farming

NFYFC, together with LEAF Education, have developed a fun and engaging Future Farming session to deliver in schools to help spread positive messages about food and farming.

We aim to achieve a greater understanding of importation, exportation and production and help to break down misconceptions that a career in farming is just about livestock and tractors!

Aimed at Year 9 learners, this agricultural project strongly supports core aims in relation to PSHE: developing critical thinking, encouraging learners to discuss and explore living in the wider world whilst encompassing economic and environmental wellbeing and aspects of agricultural, food and retail careers education.

The resource, called Future Farming, will be available for YFC trainers to deliver to YFC clubs and in schools, as well as being accessible to teachers on the Countryside Classroom website.

The project will support the work of the AGRI Food industry Workforce Skills and Development strategy.

On completion of the session, learners will understand the role that agriculture plays in solving global challenges and where British food comes from. Future technologies will also be highlighted and promotion of the associated industries, extending into the food and retail sectors. 

This session is also available as a YFC Curve module and is available for YFC Trainers to deliver in clubs to help broaden YFC members understanding of the industry.   

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