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Lifting the Lid on the Levy


The National Levy is often a hot topic at NFYFC’s Annual General Meeting – but what is the National Levy and what does it mean to members?

What is the National Levy?

The ‘Base Levy’ is the total amount of money paid by members to NFYFC when they join the Federation. This is currently £11.05 based on 22, 555 members.

What does this mean for me as a member?

Each YFC member contributes towards the levy as part of their annual membership fee. The amount members pay depends on the overall number of YFC members each year. The Base Levy is divided by the total number of YFC members. This means that the MORE members NFYFC has the LESS levy each individual member has to pay!

Why is the Levy so important?

The National Levy is a large chunk of NFYFC’s income – 21% last year – but this figure has been reducing.
The money helps towards staging big events such as competitions, training, Discovery, marketing and publications such as Ten26 and YFC Buzz. It also funds the things you might not see but are critical to running a successful organisation such as safeguarding plans, employment and IT support for counties, and a voice on many agricultural committees and organisations.

What does a change in the Levy mean for me?

At this year’s Annual General Meeting in Blackpool there will be a proposal that the National Levy is increased by 5% for the following membership year. That means that each member will pay approximately 56p more to NFYFC next year (based on current membership numbers) if the proposal is passed.

Why should we pay more?

An increase of 5% would contribute a further £12,464 to NFYFC’s income.

Each year, our operating costs are in excess of £670,000 and with inflation at a meagre 2.5% this equates to over £16,000 increase in costs in inflation alone. As a federation, we rely on over 50% of our income from external sources and this 5% increase will help re-dress a balanced income.

An increase will mean NFYFC will be able to do more activities to attract new members and improve the services further for existing members. To make sure NFYFC is around for at least another 80 years (that’s 80 more Annual Conventions) we need to attract more members into our clubs.

How can I have my say on the National Levy?

Any changes to the levy are made at the National AGM. Each Club is allocated two voting cards, so make sure you discuss your views on the levy increase with your club and then nominate two members to cast your Club’s votes. Each County will also receive one additional voting card.


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