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29 July 2016

A Young Farmer from Herefordshire in on course to become one of the main representatives of young people living in rural areas across Europe.

Russell Carrington, of Hereford YFC, is standing unopposed for the election of chairman of Rural Youth Europe (RYE) at their general assembly on 4th August.

Founded in 1957, RYE functions as an umbrella for youth organisations working to promote and activate young people in the countryside. It provides international training possibilities and works as an intermediary between national organisations, youth organisations and public institutions on an European level. Today, RYE represents 500,000 young people across 18 countries and 20 member organisations, including NFYFC.

Russell has taken on many roles within NFYFC, including chairman of the AGRI Steering Group in 2014. He was also a RYE board member from 2013 – 2015 representing the UK and Ireland member organisations. He has also participated in organising rallies and seminars, including the Autumn Seminar 2013 [RC1] hosted by England/NFYFC.

Russell said the main reason he was running for chairman was "to give something back after gaining so much from the YFC movement” He said: “I am also looking forward to the leadership challenge, to work with a great team, to create a better future for young people from the countryside and to make a difference.

"The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has left many people wondering what this means for Rural Youth Europe. However, there is every enthusiasm for the UK young farmer organisations to stay a part of this unique and vital European Network, despite the forthcoming political changes.

"Change can be a good thing: a chance to freshen up, take a new direction and reflect on what is really valuable to us.  

"Clearly, this European platform, and the network it supports, is important to grass-roots members.  If elected I intend to work hard over the next two years to strengthen the relationship between British young farmer organisations and their European counterparts because there is great value in remaining as a wide and inclusive European platform, regardless of political boundaries. After all, the original Rural Youth Europe organisation which included the UK organisations, existed before the European Union itself.”

Read more about why Russell is standing for chairman of RYE here.

25 July 2016

A group of Young Farmers have benefited from essential ATV safety training, courtesy of the European ATV Safety Institute (EASI).

In partnership with Honda, NFYFC's ATV safety partner, and the Farm Safety Foundation, YFC members descended upon the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester for the four and a half hour course.

The course covered a wide variety of lessons, including shifting gears, braking, turning, risk awareness, riding circles, sharp turns and riding over obstacles. The course concluded with a review session where Student Performance Evaluation Forms are distributed to all riders, detailing any areas and skills that require further work and practice.

Photos from the training course in Cirencester can be found on the NFYFC's Facebook page

YFC members are entitled to a 50% discount on EASI ATV safety courses. Click here for further information. 

15 July 2016

Carmarthenshire FYFC followed up its success at the NFYFC's competitions weekend by taking home top awards at this year's Dairy Stockjudging finals at the Great Yorkshire Show.

After Aled Davies' success in the Junior Member of the Year competition two weeks before, a team of Rosie Davies, Frances Evans and Robert Jones were the winners of the Farmer & Stockbreeder Trophy. The team blew away the rest of the competition, with teams from Yorkshire and Staffordshire coming second and third respectively.

Meanwhile Aled Walters of Carmathershire A came first in the senior category, finishing ahead of his fellow county member, Robert Jones.

Frances Evans also came second in the 21 & Under category, losing out Buckinghamshire's Emily Barrett who came first. Eleanor Fisher of Cumbria C won the Junior section, beating off competition from Staffordshire and Yorkshire. 

The NFYFC would like to extend its gratitude to the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, the Cattle Societies and to "YFC at GYS" for helping with the competition.

Results from the competition are available on the website and the winners photos are available on Facebook.

11 July 2016

Young people are proving to be more responsible when it comes to farm safety than the older generation, according to the UK’s Health & Safety Executive.

Statistics released during Farm Safety Week 2016 found that from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016, there were 29 fatal injuries in agriculture, forestry and fishing. Out of those 29 fatalities, nearly half were people over the age of 65. By stark contrast, only four fatalities occurred in 25-34 year olds and none under the age of 24.

The statistics were announced at this year’s Livestock Event at the NEC in Birmingham. A panel made of industry and farm safety experts, including NFYFC Vice Chairman, Ed Ford, were asked why they felt the statistics were so low in young people.

Allan Bowie, President of NFU Scotland, said: “I think they get it. They communicate, they understand the machines, they talk to their friends... and they’ve got the most to lose! They’ve got 40 or 50 years of their life ahead of them. I think the older generation thinks ‘It won’t happen to me’. That’s the blunt starkness of the young ones, who have a future to look forward to, and the old ones, who (to be honest) are a bit blasé. I’ve got my son pushing that agenda to his grandfather. When you hear a grandson or granddaughter saying to their grandparents ‘we would miss you at Christmas time’, that suddenly gets it through to them.”

Young Farmers were once again fully behind Farm Safety Week, an initiative launched in 2013 by the Farm Safety Foundation, aiming to reduce the number of accidents which continue to give agriculture the poorest record of any occupation in the UK and Ireland.

While the statistics in young people were welcomed by the panel, they also came with a warning and some sound advice.

Guy Smith, Vice-President of the NFU, said: “Take great pride in that record, but don’t get complacent. Make it something that you can always say about Young Farmers. Traditionally on farms, older people are seen to be more responsible than younger people. These stats tell us something completely the other way round. Young people are the better example. My advice would be for young people – do not be afraid to come forward and lecture older people on how they can make themselves safer on farms.”

NFYFC is also an active member of the Farm Safety PartnershipHSE’s Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC) and works in partnership with the Wales Farm Safety Partnership to provide expert advice in engaging young people with farm safety. For further information about the NFYFC’s dedication to farm safety, go to


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