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31 October 2014

NFYFC’s Chairman of Council Claire Worden has been recognised by the Prime Minister for her work in founding the Rural+ campaign.

Claire, who launched the campaign earlier in 2014, has been awarded a Point of Light volunteering award by David Cameron for her efforts in combating rural isolation.

Point of Light awards recognise outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Claire is the 141st winner of the new Points of Light award which has been developed in partnership with the hugely successful Points of Light programme in the USA and was first established by President George H. W. Bush.

Over 5,000 US Points of Light have been awarded and both President George H. W. Bush and President Barack Obama have publicly supported the partnership with Points of Light UK, which honours shining examples of volunteering across the country.

Mr Cameron said: “Claire took an enormously brave step of using her own harrowing experiences to set up Rural+ and support young people feeling isolated in rural areas. I am delighted to recognise Claire’s fantastic work with this Point of Light award.”

It was one of Claire’s aims during her time as Chairman to help more rural young people seek support when they are experiencing mental health issues and to help beat rural isolation.

“When I first heard that I was to receive this prestigious award, I was completely speechless. It’s such an honour. I’m amazed at how much the Rural+ campaign has taken off, and this really is the icing on the cake," said Claire.

“It’s a campaign that I feel extremely passionately about and I am delighted that the Prime Minister has recognised the importance of mental well-being amongst young people in rural areas. I want to thank everyone that has raised awareness of this campaign and helped it to get the recognition it deserves. I look forward to continuing to push this campaign, particularly as we head into winter.”

Find out more information about the Rural+ campaign.

28 October 2014

Celebrate your fave fashion period at Annual Convention 2015 now that members have voted for the theme 'Through the Decades' for the fancy dress on Saturday night!

Hundreds of members voted for the theme in NFYFC’s online poll and Through the Decades beat Famous Families and Through the Generations.

The result means Torquay needs to prepare itself for Young Farmers dressed in 70s’ bell bottoms, shoulder pads from the 80s and perhaps some Spice Girl attire from the 90s.

The result of the poll was revealed at NFYFC’s Council meeting in Coventry by David Maidment, Chairman of the Events and Marketing Steering Group.

Members took to Twitter to ’tweet’ their approval, including this message from Laura Howell from Swansea.

@Laurahowell_15: “Yesssssss!!!!!! So excited secret fancy dress project can start as of today!!!”

As well as the fancy dress theme, the Events and Marketing group also announced there would be a foam party on the Sunday evening and a dedicated Convention App for the 2015 event that would be available to download in advance.

Planning is well underway for the three days in Torquay next April and the Agriculture and Rural Issues (AGRI) Steering Group have also started planning the AGRI Forum.

Following feedback from the 2014 Forum, next year’s event will be held on the Saturday afternoon of Convention – instead of the morning – in a bid to attract more people. The event will be titled ‘What’s your future in farming?’

Locations and dates for Convention from 2016 to 2018 were also announced at the meeting. Get these logged in your diaries now:

  • 2016: Blackpool, 6-8 May
  • 2017: Torquay. 21-23 April
  • 2018: Blackpool, 4-6 May

Read the full report from the October 2014 Council meeting. 

28 October 2014

Members who cheated at an NFYFC Tug of War competition final will not be allowed to compete in the same contest during the 2014/15 YFC competition year.

NFYFC Council voted to approve the decision at their last meeting of the year, which was held in Coventry at the end of October.

The Council also agreed that the counties involved would receive a written warning because their members were involved in breaking competition rules.

A team, who were originally awarded second place, was disqualified during the national finals of the Tug of War at the Tenbury Show this year after it was discovered members from different counties had made up one team.

David Hamer, Competitions Steering Group Chairman, said: "It's really disappointing to find out some members have cheated in YFC competitions because it has denied other members the opportunity to compete in the finals. It has also cost the Federation time and money to resolve the issue.

“As an organisation that encourages maximum participation in all our activities, cheating goes against our ethos. We hope that by taking stern action on this occasion it will serve as a warning to others."
The decision followed a vote by Council to retain the current fees for withdrawing from a competition within two weeks and 48 hours.

They also agreed that the Tug of War rules would fall in line with Tug of War Association Rules in 2014/15 and that the theme for the 2015/16 competitions year would be Tomorrow’s World.

Counties will receive a copy of the 2015/16 programme soon, which includes competitions such as a sugar craft cake topper and a live radio show.

David Hamer, Chairman of the Competitions Steering Group, presented the report to Council, which also included news that competitors in Junior Reading would be able to use a tablet or hand held device from 2015/16.

For the full round up from the October 2014 Council weekend, read more here.

28 October 2014

Decisions affecting competitions, Annual Convention and training were among the issues discussed at the recent NFYFC Council weekend.

More than 80 members participated over the two days in Coventry to help shape activities for members.

A major debate around members breaking rules at the Tug of War competition finals led to offending members receiving a ban in that contest for the following year and their counties will also receive a written warning. Read the story in full.

The fancy dress for Annual Convention 2015 was revealed as Through the Decades and plans are underway for a Foam Party for the Sunday evening. Find out more here.

NFYFC Council also discussed 2015 budgets and the levy (membership fees). NFYFC’s Treasurer John Hardman referred to the five year plan and the need to increase the levy by 20% at the AGM 2015.

Council members will be given detailed information to discuss with their counties about the proposed levy increase and why it is being recommended. This feedback will be shared at the February Council meeting where they will discuss and review how much the levy should be increased.

The Council will then make a proposal to take to the Annual General Meeting in 2015 where members can vote for or against this suggestion.

All the announcements from the February Council were tweeted during the meeting and members, counties and clubs actively retweeted and engaged in the debate online.

It was Claire Worden’s final meeting as the official Chairman of Council as she will hand over the role in February next year. Claire thanked Council for their support during her tenure at the top:

“There has been a real buzz around the organisation over the last 12 months and that is down to all of you and the great job you are doing. There has been an increase in the number of members attending events and entering competitions, and for that we should all be proud.”

The meeting also included a presentation about HOPS and how NFYFC members can help in promoting its recruitment services and Matt Caldicott  from The Farming Community Network (FCN) explained the relationship between the charity and NFYFC’s Rural+ campaign.

Highlights from the weekend included:

  • Kuhn Machinery has agreed a sponsorship deal with the AGRI Steering Group for the next 12 months.
  • The AGRI Steering Group will organise a petition to call on Defra for more capital support for Young Farmers.
  • The annual AGRI Forum will move to the Saturday afternoon of Convention and be titled What’s your future in farming?
  • Fines will remain the same for withdrawing from a competition only two weeks and 48 hours before.
  • The 2015/16 competitions programme will include a sugar craft cake topper and a live radio show.
  • The fancy dress theme for YFC Ski is Retro and there are now 278 people booked on the trip from 3-10 January 2015.
  • Dates for Conventions from 2016-2018 were announced. Read in full
  • An App for Convention is being developed.
  • There is an affinity deal for members to attend Cheltenham Races in November.
  • The Personal Development Steering Group is developing new Curve modules including social media, leadership and club programming.
  • There will be a County Chairmen’s Day on 7 December for Chairs and Vice Chairs.
  • Selection Day for YFC Travel applicants will be on 6 December and there will be an option of a lunch for members for £5 (with membership card). 
  • Hard copies of The Source are now available through Club Supplies, priced at £18 per copy.
  • The Youth Forum is investigating a Junior Area Weekend to increase value of membership card for junior members.
  • A pack has been created for the 2056/57 officer team with instructions on where to find the 2012 time capsule so it can be recovered for the 125th anniversary of NFYFC.
  • Feedback on the Watch that Cowpat game is being evaluated and a sponsor is currently being sourced for the game.

For a complete copy of all the reports from Council, login to the members area of the website to download the presentation.


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