National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

20 November 2012


A new Defra-funded Meat for the Market training event was hosted last week by Robert Ensor at Ensor’s of Gloucestershire to help YFC members fully-understand industry grading and market requirements.

EBLEX National Selection Specialist Steve Powdrill gave some hard-hitting advice to young farmers pointing out their responsibility as lamb producers for consumer perception as well as the necessary considerations for market requirements and profitable business decisions.

YFC members were questioned on meat quality, consumer expectation and how to use the EBLEX classification system to satisfy market requirements. With a mix of theory and practical demonstrations, those who took part left the training session pleased to have had industry graders and experts giving them hands-on advice for their business and YFC practices.

Steve Powdrill said:

“It’s encouraging to see young farmers taking the initiative to improve their skills and their understanding of industry grading and market requirements. EBLEX is pleased to be working with the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs to encourage more training and information exchange.  We look forward to future events in 2013 and encourage all young sheep and beef producers to take part.” 

This was the second successful 'Meat for the Market' training event this year, and more are planned for 2013. Until then, YFC members can check out the fantastic stock judging training DVD, produced by EBLEX, which is available to view online and will also be posted to each county.


Designed by Kevyn Williams