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23 November 2012

Young farmers, supporters and media held a minute’s silence at the launch of the NFYFC's Drive it Home campaign to remember friends and members who had lost their lives in rural road incidents.

The silence was even more poignant for members of Gloucestershire YFC who only last week lost two of their members in a rural road crash. They came along to support the Drive it Home event because they want to stop more incidents like that from happening.

Club Chairman Billy Edwards said:

"It’s an awful feeling when you get the call at twelve o'clock at night to say one of your members has passed away and we all hope it will never happen again."

The new campaign, which is supported by NFU Mutual, was covered extensively on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat programme throughout the day as well as in other media. 

Newsbeat reporter Dave Howard came to the launch to see what it was all about and interviewed young farmers who went out on a wet grip activity in their cars. It aimed to give them a greater understanding of the risks of driving on challenging road surfaces such as mud, snow and ice and how to reduce these risks.

"I think the wet grip course is really going to help a lot of people, it’s good to know what to do when a skid happens and it's a fun way of learning as well" added Billy.

Members from Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire also came to support the event, which attracted more than 60 people and the ITV Central News television crew.

NFYFC Chairman Milly Wastie, and the inspiration behind the campaign, was interviewed throughout the day.

“It’s great to get so much exposure for our campaign. If we can work together to change young drivers’ attitudes and save lives then it will all be worth it.”

During the launch the Federation also heard it had been successful in a funding bid with Road Safety Analysis to be able to do a research project into the causes of injury collisions on rural roads and the regional differences.

Drive it Home will continue throughout 2013 and members are encouraged to sign up to one of the courses on offer with road safety charity Brake or on a practical course with Drive Doctors. Visit for more information. 

Please display the #driveithomeyfc Twibbon on your Twitter and Facebook profile to raise awareness of the campaign.

To watch the ITV Central News film featuring members from Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire– click here.

To see the Radio 1 Newsbeat story, click here.

To see a write up in Farmers Weekly, click here.

21 November 2012

Young Farmers, supported by NFU Mutual, are launching a national campaign today to reduce the number of young driver deaths on rural roads, during Road Safety Week.

The Drive it Home campaign is being launched at the ProDrive Centre in Warwickshire where young racing drivers from Drive Doctors are taking young farmers out on a wet grip activity to give them a greater understanding of the risks of driving on challenging road surfaces such as mud, snow and ice and how to reduce these risks.

Statistics show that rural young drivers are 37% more likely to have an injury collision on a rural road than those who live in an urban area (Road Safety Analysis 2012). In the last two weeks, the Federation is aware of two of its members who were killed in a rural road traffic incident.

The majority of NFYFC’s 24,000 members live and work in rural communities putting them in a high risk category for incidents on rural roads. The lack of public transport links in many of these areas mean many NFYFC members have little option but to start driving young.

The campaign is being supported by insurer NFU Mutual to create hundreds of rural driving ambassadors who can speak to young people in their own language and inspire a generation of drivers about the inherent risks and responsible driving skills needed on rural roads.

The Association of British Insurers research shows that over a quarter (27%) of motor personal injury insurance claims over £500,000 resulted from a crash involving a driver aged between 17-24.

The Drive it Home campaign will:

  • Work with road safety charity Brake to deliver road safety training, based on Brake’s 2young2die campaign, to at least one representative from each county in the Federation in England and Wales and create Drive it Home Champions who will become ambassadors in their local communities and peer groups for safer driving
  • Work with advanced driving company Drive Doctors to offer members bespoke courses so they can practice driving in challenging conditions and learn in a fun and interactive environment with young racing drivers. As well as off-roading sessions and wet grip activities -– the sessions are tailored to appeal to young drivers who are encouraged to use their own cars on the circuit to simulate real-life scenarios
  • Ensure that all 644 Young Farmers Clubs deliver some form of road safety awareness training in 2013.
  • Work with Road Safety Analysis and carry out further research to better understand the common causes of crashes involving rural young drivers and investigate differing regional trends.

Milly Wastie, Chairman of NFYFC, said:

“As one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK, we want our members to make a real difference and become ambassadors for safer driving within their rural communities and peer groups. When I was 17 years old, I lost a friend in a rural road incident. It was the first funeral I had ever attended and to be for someone my own age was heartbreaking. His death could have been avoided by some simple training on how to tackle different driving conditions on rural roads.

“Having travelled around the country visiting different Young Farmers’ Clubs there is always a memorial trophy or competition to remember somebody who lost their life in a car crash. Young Farmers are determined to change young driver attitudes and save lives on our rural roads.”

Jeremy Diston from NFU Mutual said:

"By working with the NFYFC on the Drive It Home Campaign we hope we can create hundreds of 'rural driving ambassadors.’ As the UK's leading rural insurer NFU Mutual understands the needs and concerns of those living in rural areas, and is determined to take a proactive approach in helping them to tackle the issues which affect them most.

“Nowhere is this more important than in the area of rural road safety where by working with communities to change driver behaviour and campaigning for wider safety improvements we can literally save lives and prevent serious injuries.”

Matt Baker, TV presenter and President of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs, said:

“The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs’ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers lurking on our rural roads is a fantastic initiative. I grew up living and working in a remote community, so I know how vital it is for young people to be able to drive to get to work and meet with friends. I also know how those roads can be treacherous.

“The NFYFC’s work with Brake to deliver educational resources to clubs shows the commitment from Young Farmers to do everything they can to save lives on rural roads.”

Richard Andrew, Senior Community Engagement Officer at Brake, the road safety charity, said:

“Brake is proud to be supporting NFYC’s rural road safety campaign, which recognises the pressing need to reduce death and serious injuries on rural roads and among young drivers. Road crashes are the biggest cause of death among young people, so raising awareness of road safety is vital, and young people themselves can be extremely effective in delivering life-saving messages within their peer groups.

“Brake is glad to be able to provide tools and resources that will enable young rural road safety ambassadors to spread these messages with groups across the country, to help reduce devastating casualties and create safer communities.”

At the launch, there will be a minute’s silence at 10.45am to remember the young people connected with our Young Farmers’ Clubs who have recently lost their lives in rural road incidents and in memory of all the members who have died in road incidents in the Federation’s 80 year history.

20 November 2012

This weekend saw the start of the new National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs competition season, with the National Beef and Pig Live and Carcase Judging at the English Winter Fair, Staffordshire County Showground.

The competitions took place over two days, kicking off on Saturday with 80 Young Farmers from across England and Wales taking part in the Senior and Intermediate Live Beef and Live Pork competitions. The competitors had to place the animals and give reasons for their placement. On Sunday, competitors judged beef and pork carcases, giving reasons and placing the carcases and classifying the beef carcases.

Ultimately it was Herefordshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs who shone, winning the John Spear Trophy for the county with the highest overall marks in both Beef and Pork Live and Carcase judging.

EBLEX kindly donated the prize money for the national competitions, which were presented by their Livestock Scientist, Dylan Laws. This is just one of a number of NFYFC initiatives supported by EBLEX. The organisation has also supported the production of a stock judging handbook, ‘Meat for the Market Training’ days and, most recently, a stock judging DVD which was shown during the weekend.

The English Winter Fair, organised by Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society, saw a host of other stock judging and handling competitions as well as a sale of Champion cattle and a Christmas Fayre. 

The society also hosted their own stock judging competition for young farmers, organised by Staffordshire YFC’s County Organiser, Julia Taylor. This saw competitors judging live beef and sheep as well as pork and lamb carcases and once again it was Herefordshire FYFC who beat 18 other counties to win the overall team trophy. This second competition meant that around 250 young farmers were on site and taking part in stock judging contests.

The Fair was integral to the running of the NFYFC competitions at the weekend, with stock coming from exhibitors at the event and the excellent facilities making the site a perfect location. The carcasses were supplied by Bradshaw Brothers of Chase Terrace.

NFYFC Beef and Pig Live and Carcase Judging Results

Senior Beef Live and Carcase

1st Richard Garlick (Herefordshire)
2nd Maria Muntz-Tores (Worcestershire)
3rd Lora Fryars (Lancashire)

Intermediate Beef Live and Carcase

1st David Long (Herefordshire)
2nd Tudor Lewis (Montgomeryshire)
Joint 3rd Harriet Wilson (Staffordshire) and Danielle McNulty (Gloucestershire)

Intermediate Pork Live and Carcase

1st Thomas Bennett (Herefordshire)
2nd Rachel Harrison (Lancashire)
3rd Lloyd Powell (Montgomeryshire)

Senior Pork Live and Carcase

1st Richard Fox (Cumbria)
2nd John Brewer (Herefordshire B)
3rd Bethany Warin (Yorkshire)

The Mark Madders Trophy (awarded to the county intermediate team with the highest score-Beef and Pork)

1st David Long and Thomas Bennett (Herefordshire A)
2nd Tudor Lewis and Lloyd Powell (Montgomeryshire)
3rd Isabella Hartley and Rachel Harrison (Lancashire A)

The Bob Williams Trophy (awarded to the county senior team with the highest combined score -Beef and Pork)

1st Fiona Chamberlayne and Victoria Hicks (Gloucestershire)
2nd Llewellyn Williams and John Brewer (Herefordshire B)
3rd Richard Garlick and John Hanson (Herefordshire A)

The Smithfield Trophy for Beef Live and Carcase

David Long and Richard Garlick from Herefordshire A

The Smithfield Trophy for Pork Live and Carcase

Fay Thomas and John Brewer from Herefordshire

The John Spear Trophy (awarded to the county with the overall highest marks)

1st Herefordshire (David Long, Richard Garlick, Thomas Bennett and John Hanson)
2nd Montgomeryshire (Tudor Lewis, Ryhdian Powell, Lloyd Powell, Tomos Harrison)
3rd Gloucestershire (Danielle McNulty, Victoria Hicks, Fiona Chamerlayne, Martia Warner King)

20 November 2012


A new Defra-funded Meat for the Market training event was hosted last week by Robert Ensor at Ensor’s of Gloucestershire to help YFC members fully-understand industry grading and market requirements.

EBLEX National Selection Specialist Steve Powdrill gave some hard-hitting advice to young farmers pointing out their responsibility as lamb producers for consumer perception as well as the necessary considerations for market requirements and profitable business decisions.

YFC members were questioned on meat quality, consumer expectation and how to use the EBLEX classification system to satisfy market requirements. With a mix of theory and practical demonstrations, those who took part left the training session pleased to have had industry graders and experts giving them hands-on advice for their business and YFC practices.

Steve Powdrill said:

“It’s encouraging to see young farmers taking the initiative to improve their skills and their understanding of industry grading and market requirements. EBLEX is pleased to be working with the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs to encourage more training and information exchange.  We look forward to future events in 2013 and encourage all young sheep and beef producers to take part.” 

This was the second successful 'Meat for the Market' training event this year, and more are planned for 2013. Until then, YFC members can check out the fantastic stock judging training DVD, produced by EBLEX, which is available to view online and will also be posted to each county.

15 November 2012

Newly elected NFYFC Chairman Milly Wastie has had something of a baptism of fire, walking across burning hot coals, all in the name of charity.

On Saturday, Milly, who was elected Chairman at the NFYFC Council meeting in October, joined members from Lincolnshire Young Farmers and representatives from Spaldings of Lincoln to take part in the ‘Fire Walk’ and raise money for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute.  

Milly said;

‘It was such a unique experience and whilst I did get a few blisters (which felt like sunburn) it was really worth it to raise funds for one of my chairman’s charities the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution’

Milly is currently half way to her fundraising target of £500, if you would like to sponsor her visit

09 November 2012

A leading light in the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs and a Life Vice President, Ursula Boreham, sadly passed away on November 3rd, aged 80.

Ursula, together with her husband Roy, first became involved in the Young Farmers’ movement when their son and daughter both joined Essex YFC, over 40 years ago.

Within this time Roy took on various roles including Vice President of Dunmow YFC, President of Essex YFC and Eastern Area President for four years. Roy attended every meeting and event that he could, with Ursula always by his side.

Ursula thoroughly enjoyed attending YFC events from NFYFC Council weekends, county shows and the parties where she often found herself in the most ridiculous of fancy dress outfits! Ursula even made it to this year’s Annual Convention.

Over the years Ursula and Roy have made great friends through Young Farmers and found themselves attending many members’ weddings across the country. One letter to Ursula’s family described the couple as a ‘dynamic pair’ in both the local and national Young Farmer’s movement.

Ursula loved being involved in Young Farmers and it played a huge part in her life. Ursula will be missed by Essex YFC and the counties beyond.

NFYFC would like to express their great thanks for the support and dedication that Ursula has given to Young Farmer’s for over 40 years. She will be sadly missed.

A Memorial Service to celebrate Ursula’s life will be held on Tuesday the 13th of November 2012 at  St Mary the Virgin Church, High Easter, Essex at 2.00pm.

If anyone would like to make a donation to celebrate Ursula’s life and dedication to YFC, donations can be made to ‘Evie’s Angels’, a fund set up to help support Ursula’s great grandaughter, Evie, who has a rare genetic disorder called CDKL5. The money donated will help support Evie in her development.

Please send donations to:
Evie’s Angels, Woodfield Farm, Pleshey, Chelmsford, CM3 1HU. 

Pictured: Ursula with husband Roy, and former NFYFC President Lionel Hill


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