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17 December 2012

Representatives from the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) met with MPs and the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, David Heath, to discuss the future of rural development.

The meeting, hosted by George Eustice MP in Westminster, looked at the content of the next Rural Development Programme which is funded through the Common Agricultural Policy. Under discussion were the types of measures that needed to be included in the next Rural Development Programme and how to improve existing measures.

The Rural Development Programme is a key tool for the government to achieve its aims of increasing food production whilst enhancing our environment.

Outgoing NFYFC Agriculture Chairman, Helen Reeve said: “We welcomed the opportunity to hold a joint meeting with CPRE and give a grass roots perspective on our ambitions and experience with rural development.  We were pleased to begin this dialogue during a time of negotiation and represent our members’ views. ”

Vice-Chairman of NFYFC’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, Russell Carrington, said;

“For me this meeting stressed the importance of relaying young farmer’s opinions on key decisions for the future - if we don't it will be to our detriment.  Many policy makers rarely get to hear from grass roots farmers trying to make a go of it in an uncertain world so we have a duty to communicate with each other better so that situations are understood and appropriate action can be taken.

I hope that some of what was discussed today will benefit my age group and younger in their ambitions to run farming businesses and to help build vibrant rural communities."

Ian Woodhurst, CPRE Senior Farming Campaigner added;

“As we set out in our farming vision CPRE believes it’s vital that the next generation of farmers are provided with the support they need to tackle the environmental challenges of the future. The next Rural Development Programme must have enough funding and the right measures to help young farmers manage our farmed landscapes, create thriving businesses and develop innovative farming practices so the countryside can be both beautiful and vibrant.”

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