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18 January 2013

Clubs are being encouraged to lobby their local councils on how funding should be spent on road safety improvements after the NFYFC met with the Road Safety Minister to discuss the new Drive it Home campaign.

NFYFC Chairman Milly Wastie, Youth Officer Jodie Green and Mark Spencer MP met with Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond MP to discuss the issues affecting young people who live and work in rural communities. They highlighted the need for rural roads to be part of the training and testing for a driver’s licence.

NFYFC also suggested a scheme where young drivers could gain further driving certificates following on from their initial test. As a result of the meeting, NFYFC have been offered opportunity to input into future Government consultation on road safety.

Statistics show that rural young drivers are 37% more likely to have an injury collision on a rural road than those who live in an urban area.

Milly Wastie, National Chairman of NFYFC, said: “Statistics show those who live in a rural area are more likely to be involved in a road collision than our urban counterparts so our campaign is aimed at educating our members – and other young drivers – about the dangers on rural roads.

“The driving test needs to reflect the area in which you live and work and young drivers need to be proficient in handling the different challenges of rural driving.

“We were delighted to meet with the Road Safety Minister to discuss the road safety concerns that affect young people who live and work in rural communities. We welcome his support towards our campaign and hope the Government are able to address some of the issues we raised.”

The Minister urged clubs to lobby their local councils on how funding for road safety improvements should be spent.

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: “Improving the safety and ability of young drivers is a key priority for the Government so I am pleased to support the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs new campaign.

“We are looking at several ways to make the roads safer for young drivers, including making the driving test more realistic and considering how to improve training for drivers after they pass their test. We are also working with young people, the insurance industry, and other key partners to identify what more can be done to ensure that newly qualified drivers are properly prepared and drive safely.

“I wish NFYFC every success with their campaign”


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