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22 January 2013


YFC members are currently discussing how to meet the food demands of a growing European population, at a conference for European young farmers in Sweden.

Katherine Sealy and Chris Manley, who represent NFYFC on the European Council for Young Farmers (CEJA) are attending the conference in Skovde thanks to sponsorship from farmer-owned Mole Valley Farmers.

The conference, entitled CAP towards 2020, is looking at how the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) really benefits farmers, producers and consumers and how it can support a sustainable farming future for Europe. 

Estimates suggest food production will need to double by 2050 to feed a growing population, while taking into account climate, biodiversity and soil and water quality. Young Farmers will be discussing how important issues such as climate change and innovation can be incorporated into CAP to help tackle this challenge.

NFYFC Agriculture Chairman, Chris Bateman, said;

“Our involvement with CEJA has allowed YFC members not only a further voice for their thoughts and concerns for their future, but also exposure to European politics. It is quite a privilege for our representatives to become more well-versed in the ways of Europe, both farming practices and the necessary lobbying procedures that go with CAP reform. It is essential that we have a good understanding and input into our future and can act as advocates for our YFC farming members.”

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